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Of four regular seating season meetings between these two teams this season army comes to cadet ice arena. The second week of January and the black knights on the roll right now. Five game unbeaten streak in goal tonight is sophomore Trevon Kozlowski. He's been terrific. He started the last five games hasn't lost any of those games. Six four two hundred pound out of Valencia California's played in six this season. A goals-against average of one point eight five is safe percentage is ninety two percent. And last week at mercy hers was fantastic. Stopping fifty to fifty five shots he faced in a two-game. Sweep airy air force goaltender Billy Christopher's. We really haven't seen the true. Billy yet this year the same Billy Christopher we've seen. We saw. Last season we've seen flashes of it. Christofous six games. Six starts. This season is record is two four or no his save percentage is about eighty eight percent and his goals against average is three point three a game. Career-wise season is his career say percentage is ninety one percent and a goals-against average of two point four. He's pitched five career shutouts in one of those came in the big game gave air force a win in the best two out of three series last March here on this very ice and sent air force to Rochester for the Atlantic hockey championship tournament and ended army season. We're ready to go the puck down at center ice. And we are underway at the point pucks in the neutral zone. Army.

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