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Like was in neon was god and man at Yale by bill Buckley and hi I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I became a lifelong fan of bill Buckley and you know better than I hello what an intelligent witty person he was in a great human being and I hi who is hi I'm a life long subscriber to his magazine and that's what my question is about he had a columnist John chamberlain and Joseph circle ski and if those early days and if I'm not mistaken they were both former I mean is scored beveled with it and it seems in reading the early issues of all are you at that time William Buckley when out of his way to have these great anti communist writers who in many cases St may work work Hedman communists or dabble in it or came from communist countries so will that always interested me hello and I'm I'm still I'm still subscriber I have the subscriber of National Review lifelong and your answer that's Joseph what do you do in west haven Connecticut I'm sorry Sir incident I'm retired teacher incidently my first year teaching I taught John chamberlain step son and this is kind of a comical little story I took both of English freshman English and American history and when we when we got to the age of industrialism I use the phrase robber barons and soon after that John chamberlain step son brought me in a book about the great industrialists of America the John Carnegie's in Vanderbilt's Rockefellers and he may have written a book I'm not sure but I hi yeah I got I got his point as I said I'd use the word rapper Berenson describing as men and that he may have heard of from the steps on all right tells us in west haven Connecticut before we let you answer he said he was a a lifelong subscriber to National Review right the editor of National Review now rich Lowry has a new book coming out in August August thirteenth I believe it comes out and it's called nationalism so due to put that on your radar screen sure well we say to a great book by the third full some called the myth of the robber barons really quite excellent yeah National Review is very important to me too and in fact I was it was nineteen eighty nine I think why and I'll never all never forget this I was the way I started writing my writing career happen I I wrote a letter to the editor of the student newspaper the pet news on homelessness and I I these people on campus that I was talking to without any gays in a kind of a discussion were blaming the homeless problem on Ronald Reagan and and and I and I looked at this and I try to understand how this was Ronald Reagan's fault I went night investigated it and did I did a science major would do I look at the pros and cons it wasn't a conservative or liberal I even called the local homeless shelter and I said to the lady I I I said I took notes in a civil houses the fault of Ronald Reagan she said I don't know what they're teaching you this university but this is a Ronald Reagan's fault these people are mentally ill that's what you told me and the liberals that I knew made fun of the homeless people that I walked by and I would try to talk to the homeless people so I wrote this letter to the editor the end up publishing it as a column and then I got attacked I got called a racist all these different names OR and then I responded by writing a column on the contras spend another week or two taking away from my genetics course focusing on the contras in contra aid I wrote a piece in support of arming the contras and for that I got called a **** it and and my dad picked me up on a Friday afternoon and and he said to me he's I can still picture to this day is driving over here on the site is that still a newspaper column you're doing for the student newspaper it's a pretty good dad but I'm getting called all kinds of names I got called I got called a **** this week is that I'm not see I said see you said what what are you writing about writing about it I said I I wrote about the contras like a called a **** and fascist and before that they had a guy called a recess just writing something about homelessness he said why and I said I don't know did I believe there's these people on campus they're called liberals and they call you the most vicious names when you disagree with it's unbelievable they call you every name in the book so this have the exact opposite affected convinced me to keep writing but I asked my dad this is the National Review part of it I said that what is a conservative it's a liberal I'm just writing this stuff is a science major and I said I I can tell liberal probably read like The New York Times this kind of thing was a conservative and my dad said hi Buckley's magazine I said Buckley's magazine what does that mean they said National Review said okay National Review where do I get one of them so when we get home and my hometown was Butler Pennsylvania you go over the bookstore get a copy so I went and I got it off the shelf I asked the lady were National Review I read it cover to cover and I don't disagree with anything I write I thought this is really amazing stop really so I went into this totally a clean slate and I started subscribing I subscribe to National Review in the American spectator yeah the new Republic I love the new Republic especially those years under Morton Kondracke he interests all of then Fred Barnes that whole group those are really the three that I kept the Atlantic to I kept that subscription then I got to graduate school I'm so broke I think I kept only the American spectator at that point because help to keep my sanity because it was so entertaining and amusing but but yeah National Review very very significant and the earlier caller who accuse me of being a random supporter of Ayn Rand you water Hey caller look up Whittaker chambers review of online rand National Review and look at how chambers salvaged I and my heart and Buckley was no friend of mine rand either so unit you need to learn a little bit more about conservatism libertarian those on all these different views you gotta you gotta read more in this stuff you've also written for the American thinker magazine yeah I'm not I'm going right now I'm quite a while it's been quite awhile well this is for may thirteenth twenty sixteen the constant claims of trump being another Reagan must be addressed and must be stopped if merely in service of truth but also in service of what Ronald Reagan really represented and what we need to remember the indisputable reality is that there is no meaningful legitimate sort of similarities between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan I think that was the last time I wrote for American thinker at the the readers savage me for that I was shocked I was really shocked I remember one of the a woman in the reader comments section wrote something like who is this guy came or was a communist and I thought well no I've probably written for American thinker about a hundred times up to that point and I was just trying to plead with people there it's almost like a psychological thing where supporters of trump wanted to affirm themselves by saying well they did this to Reagan to and look how Reagan turned out to be right and wow Reagan was attacked and called an idiot just like trom so they have like two or three things and say well this is just like Reagan what other than the fact that they were both attack for their intelligence and and underestimated in that kind of thing you can't have two people who are more different than Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump I mean what come up with a bunch of other similarities to our growing the economy and other stuff and and even the fact that Donald Trump in many ways has often as a president and a conservative way including religious liberty court picks his cortex probably will turn out being better than Reagan's Supreme Court picks that's all true but in so many ways especially personality you can find people that are that are more different I I Reagan was everyone who met Reagan liked him at liberals like to break in as a person Reagan was the kindest most decent person that is so many people tell me they said he was the nicest person that I ever met Reagan in his diaries it's the word down he will Reagan when even swear all right I have yeah he's the complete opposite of trump on that so I was pleading with people there look of trump's your guy that's cool make your point go for it but don't try to make him like Reagan because he a Reagan are completely different cleft San Angelo Texas you are on book TV yes hello thank you so much professor king gord so refreshing if you get a conservative such as yourself on national TV for a change I'm a big conservative as you can probably guess my background for that probably is that I played pro tennis when the first World point titles won the Davis Cup with Arthur Ashe was at the White House I agree Richard Nixon's rain in sixty nine but that is bigger out who you are going to ask my producer look I left well I won't even give you my last name necessarily I'm not calling to do brag on myself but you ask the other person what he did and I'm a published author on Amazon I'm a mental health advocate but you know are you still curious you must have got up professor you must have debated at lit liberal professors that make up the majority that can say they don't but they do and to me it would be a chip shot to beat them because of what you've said as to why conservatism has been a proven winner through Melanie out so I know you'll be honest when you answer what has been your experience and what is your what do you think your personal record is would you have debated the liberal professors on the subjects in issues you're talking about that and one last thing we have been absolutely massacred over the last thirty or forty years as conservatives with the press and we'll see activist we talk you down call you names accuse you of being you know I just want to state my opinion without being assassinated character wise and my opinion is this Donald Trump one because of Twitter we've been waiting for somebody to fight back and answer these people and to me they're a bunch of idiots and I think you will again and I think it's so refreshing but I think it's because of Twitter thank you guys so much cliff is this cliff Richie yes thank you Clifford you very quickly god bless the internet right former professional tennis player American junior national champion nineteen sixty two and sixty three won the boys singles title at the French Open in sixty four etcetera etcetera wow well it's very good very well cliff the I I usually don't debate liberal professors they don't they don't ask me the debate I don't get invited to those things it's very interesting I'd be giving a talk for young America's foundation for I'll be twenty years now and and it's it's called why communism is bad that I get I get invitations from college Republican groups yeah off chapters a different campuses with these kids who are desperate saying my professor quite literally has a boss of Karl Marx in his office right I I hear nothing negative about communism I hear out it's good it's about sharing it's badly mis understood the problem with communism is hasn't been tried right and so forth could you please come to campus and give a talk on why communism is bad and I go there and I'll bring a stack of books with me because I'm I'm gonna go straight from the tax communist manifesto Lannan on the state and revolution the Harvard University press book on the black the black book of communism and the students in that room are riveted they they are locked in because this is stuff that they haven't heard before and very rarely is a professor in the room they they hardly ever com the last time I gave the talk there was one professor in the room and he was it turned out he was a Polish emigre he was in the engineering department and he told me that he was the only Republican the new out of the faculty of about a hundred thirty at at the college I had one case where there is a professor in the room a female professor and as I was going through the body bag count the butcher's bill the number of people killed under Soviet communism over twenty million according to the Harvard University press book sex sells and it's in an Alexander Yakovlev in his Yale University Press book a century of crimes in Soviet Russia Yaakov lab who was garbage as chief reformer and given the job of trying to help the skulls and find out just how many people were killed and the Soviet killing fields rock of love says in that book quote Stalin alone annihilated sixty to seventy million people now ma'ale according to the harbor the black book of communism was at least sixty to sixty five million and the latest research on that is probably over seventy million so if if the number is a hundred hundred forty million under communist governments that's more than twice the combined death tolls of World War one World War two so I just lay all of this out very factually and in one case this female professor left at me and you just shaking her head disgusted looking at me like the ghost of Joe McCarthy had flown inside my body and possessed me.

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