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Who is this Marvin? This is the pride of Dayton Ohio, a band by the name of slave. Okay? I don't remember. I just remember the Ohio players. They would be called the Ohio players right now. For sure. Intelligence runs in the family innovation runs in the family. Extraordinary runs in the family. Not this family. The Mercedes Benz range of SUVs, every member waiting to impress learn more at MB USA dot com. Jim Jackson NBA on TNT clippers analyst Fox college basketball analyst, one of our favorites. Jim Jackson joining us from Madison Wisconsin. How's morale Jim? How are you feeling? I got the best job in the world, man. I'm still undefeated since I retired. I like it. I'm good. I was wondering, you had a foot injury when you were at Ohio State. I think maybe a stress fracture. And watching LeBron's injury, I think he first said that he stepped on somebody's shoe or foot, and then I thought maybe it's a high ankle sprain. The way he landed to me looked different and more serious than you land on somebody's foot. What did you see in that situation? Well, I mean, it goes back because a lot of times with those injuries, Dan, as you know, it's a lingering effect of something else. So that put that in the bothering them for a little while from my understanding. So when you have a non contact injury like that, again, as a result of wear and tear, something over time. So that was just like the needle in the haystack right there on the took it over the top. So when he planted and I saw it, I was like, oh man, now it started to hear more about the injury itself. Because you think about it at this point, the bronze career, he's on the back end. Less days than more. Getting to the plow is very important for him to be out in talking about

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