John Rico, Jeff Wilpon, GM discussed on Dan O'Donnell


The general matt hundred percent with you it's insulting of john rico's the man gotta go outside of what's there to make the negative bringing the next year i'm sorry even though i love all ma they still gotta go over they got to come up with somebody else somebody new yes let him do his thing may i add and if this front office which we all know the team is jeff wilpon let's all right right right so jeff wilpon is gm he's got his three assistant gm's omar j p ricciardi and john recco those are his assistance the gm is jeff wilpon that's the impression i get from that pride conference the other day jeff wilpon cannot be the one trading jacob degrom noah syndergaard okay we can have a debate all day about the merits of trading these guys and that's fine i'll listen to the other side you're in favour of dealing noah syndergaard i'm not that's fine we can write these guys should not be the ones to do it no that's disgrace that's an insult you give whatever new gm you higher i don't know who it is i have no idea tim narrowing whoever it may turn off sun maybe he'll come here all right take them in bringing me why don't you take a chance on here's the newsflash adding mark knows this we may have to rip up if he makes reynolds we may even be harder we rip mock oh god oh boy i don't know who they gotta bring in or who the person is somebody from outside this organization but you need to give that personal all the pieces noah syndergaard and if they decide to trade them fine we'll talk about it but jeff wilpon is gm and his underlings should not be the ones to trade jacob degrom that would be joe well that would be described think they're gonna trade to ground but you're right you're sure about that yeah.

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