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The re opening of more areas of the economy and activities in other regions of Michigan let's join the governor right now and Christian Jewish faith leaders who came together to acknowledge the pain that has been filed by so many across our country right now as you know George Lloyd was laid to rest yesterday and it was an important moment to come together lieutenant governor and I were glad to walk the two miles from Highland Park to Wayne state's campus in Detroit with mayor Duggan legislators city council members members of the judiciary members of law enforcement including the colonel the Michigan state police members from the sheriff's department in Wayne County members of the Detroit police department as well as what Wayne State University police department and most importantly the women and men and kids we all serve I believe every American when the platform has a responsibility to use it right now for the Rangers because of ensuring that all Americans are fully protected and respected by our system of justice we are fighting for a just system for everyone in this country on Tuesday I delivered a remote I deliver remote testimony before the U. S. house and energy U. S. U. S. house energy and commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations with regard to Michigan's efforts to combat cope at nineteen I.

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