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You could win valuable prizes ziggy marley tickets go down tomorrow night that's good stuff and then we got jerseys opening lines on thursday nights on thursday night at ten o'clock but in the meantime you'll meet the eleven o'clock tonight dog in jersey because that's what we do talking to little stupidity because that's what i do the other night the other day sunday sunday it's pouring rain outside and they spend all day saturday with my kids chasing giants around landon collins celebrity softball game as they get older players autographs and everything so sunday in the rain we get to go to the u e ball they play flag football for the u e ball and they lost last week which meant that old dag we get to sleep in this week their friend who's in the championship game so we go to the barbecue in the friend is in the championship game hector and everybody's having a good time it comes time to leave and now it starts to rain and all i wanna do is get the hell out of there so without thinking a opened up the trunk of my car and they put the stuff in and my finger is like over the edge of the trunk and i don't realize as i slam the trunk down and fortunately the way car trunks are made they won't let you cut your finger off but you could crush it pretty bad and you remember ralph kramden whatever he got her jackie gleason i am screaming and i slammed the trunk on my hand and now it's locked i can't get it open and i'm screaming to my kids and wife were inside the car to open the trunk all the drought dodge oh open the trunk my finger is throbbing the stupidest things i've ever done in my life and you know you get that combination of pain anger you know the pain of what's happening is my fingers throbbing it's bleeding it's cut on both sides blood is coming out of it and then the anger of how can i be this frigging stupid and and that's what happened so we wrapped it a couple of times get bleeding.

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