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Hello my name's richard moore nervous richard moore because Francois is going to surprise me in this episode. I'm not sure what with yet very nervous by the well. No you won't be a big surprise. I was just kind of joking. Not surprising is already yes The surprise is also that that that on my left. It's not lionel bernie anymore. No lionel's gone. We've been rejoined. We thought we weren't gonna be tonight but she chickened of going on the motorbike tomorrow. Kate wagner back for two nights. Well you have to understand my thinking here richard. I have never been on a motorbike in my life. And i don't think that the time to learn how to be a passenger on on a motorbike is on dora on massive category one climbs going one hundred fifty kilometers an hour in the. Yeah maybe not. Maybe made the right decision. But i will still be on a motorbike at a later date one day. And i'm sure you will come back with a ripping kind of that for the time trial time. Say the time on the full you know no no no. It's fine you'll you'll enjoy it a lot more guitar you back. You must have missed us. I did miss you quite terribly in my two star hotels. Great it up that much tonight but We're doing okay okay. Let's not even stepped in somebody's place with harder than an airbnb and on something and when when a there he was in good meal. Nice little town near carcassonne and the toured gone through the village. So all the guys that have been boozing all the all day long and and a guy was supposed to have been this in its place. You was a little bit. Kwekwe say yeah. It was the worst the worst for where was totally wasted. And and so he said well i i have no rooms left in my in my in my place i mean i book by flat twice and so he put me up out of friends of the front of is in. The money was fine. Good guy you know great. Well at least you were safe. Francois new star hotel you and well in tonight's episode we are going to hear from lionel Ricard with him this morning. We're gonna get preview of tomorrow's big stage. Turn dora from jelavic the huggins bremen action writer. M who went on record at the other day for us also for for himself and for training. So we're going to hear from from joe a bit later on. We're going to play with an remarkable song inspired by kaethe not performed by her. However and we'll hear from my woods new came to mind mantas but onto the tail of the top carcass onto keel. Stage fourteen hundred eighty three point seven kilometers at to non starters for crime to send. I'm more bar gil crohn's than obviously came off and not beg crash yesterday which seemed to be caused by gravel and the road. He went a long way. can ravine on. I saw footage this morning from the dsm mechanic. He was wearing a gopro. He really was a long way down. It was an awful crash. Them amazing that he really he was able to climb by by county. Brought his by back. You know cyclocross style out of the bush's i mean most impressive. The guy who with you know nearly made the cut bite one second that the day before the very very hard season in tufo cranston who last year was among the new sun web guys. Were you know lighting these tula franz. Yeah they're having a tough season team. Dsm overall warren barfield. Do you know what happened to was involved in the crash You made it to the finish but he had. He said he was crushed many because he had crushed in the in the early days as well and and finally team doctor said You'd better stop. You know warren that so he said he was sorry. And you send a little note On the what's up on the alka. Some secrets group and while saying that you know he was sorry but he had yet to stop because he's back is back in about way and was city to go so there you are crashing such a theme of this tour and again today we saw more crashes. But the start. The sage some flourishes from julian felipe having a having other old dig mattie maharaj was Was having a go as well. One point will maybe hear from by march lutheran. She's developed the real rapport with him and matia catania another decrease that writer am on what polls away. Eventually i mean. There was a good cemetery. Eighty kilometers before bright really went away and it was. It was fool on. Did fear for tim to clark are dyer. Who was struggling earlier on after being involved in that crash yesterday as well but he was okay in the end and we saw a real battle playing on the roads today for the kingdom mountains competition what polls and michael woods going for that on the cold more sigur. It was polls. I sprinted woods am on those two were were from. There was a little tap on the back from polls to woods at that point. Signalling you. let's just carry on. Had almost henry clements is to go and so it was a long way but a group a strong group. Writers came up to them Catania surgery gita patrick conrado murph riley lee menkes on the attack. We're not often see him on the attack but he was only a tight. They estimate chavez of tim bike exchange gilmar of confidence and boca mowlem of trek sigfredo. 'em there was a front group of fourteen. Then by the the gallini galley nog. Well may you laugh. The no is. Fine colleen i that's that's great on the descent. Mike woods crashed just Went down slipped. We'll hear from him about luther on quite heavily. Obviously on december go back up and back on tonight group and well balkan mullah a classic bar mullah. He attacked a long way. Forty one kilometers to go kind of just slip away on the descent and but he's a very difficult man to get back once he gets away. He's he's one of racist in the side. One two years ago like this one he lombardia like this and very very strong writer and he got a gap of a minute and despite the right behind chasing pretty hard with one section. Patrick conrad was sitting on that group on. He spoke to our german colleagues the finish and told them that he was sitting on because he was protecting wilco. Calderon's juicy position wilco. kelderman is sixth overall. It's not a day seven. The presence of joe marquel there who started they ninth m made a lot of teams nervous about him leapfrogging their writers onto the podium. Which is what he did in the end. Well maybe we'll discuss that. It seemed a slightly questionable titantic from conrad. He won the sprint for second ahead of gita catania on woods who to the kingdom is his jersey overall jar. Still leads gear martin. Four minutes four am in the bannock honor roll and at riga to iran drops place and he's five eighteen back wilco kelderman drops down to seventh kingdom. Heinsohn's woods can tana on polls who's winning the teams classification. Laurie well done and kate. You spoke with tamara to the finish and that's not one of their goals. That is their goal now. Basically he told me that actually in a different interview a couple of days ago That yeah they're all in on going for the their they plan to take the teams classification to perez and. He said today. In when i talked to him at the finish that they were all attacking at the beginning of. Because it wasn't just mahar. I mean i mean while polls went into the break. He was finally successful. Comes really had to dig. And then so did marco haller. I mean soda pale. They all had. It wasn't a stage for marco haller but they all try sale try because they thought that any move was going to be the movement so like getting all those guys up there like getting them breakaways like all of that was for the teams classification. Who who second the teams classification.

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