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8 of those weeks will be classroom training with nationally certified instructors, which is new. And my Goffin says trainees who don't meet weekly benchmarks will be held accountable. We're going to make tough decisions here. And we're going to do it in the best interest of public safety. Nick Ayn alley WTO P news. From swastikas being drawn to messages being written and shared Montgomery county public schools have seen a spike in anti semitic acts. Now the school system is taking action. Since last Friday, there have been 9 newly reported anti semitic acts at schools. Images that students are showing one another, it could be that they drew on a piece of paper or shared it on a device or whatever it may be. Superintendent doctor monifa mcknight says, what's being seen is unacceptable. Unfortunately, we can't snap our fingers to solve the problem. But the school system does plan to modify it for response by documenting the act and the school file of the student who committed it and also bring in the parents of that student. Just say, you know, we're going to have a conversation about this. We need you to be a part of the restoration plan and the plan moving forward and what the commitments we are all going to make to ensure that this does not repeat itself. In the long term, there will be more lessons on anti semitism and hate at schools. Mike Murillo WTO news. Staying in Montgomery county hate symbols and crimes are on the rise outside the school system as well. One local lawmaker wants to start an anti hate task force in response. County council president Evan glass says the spike in racial ethnic and LGBTQ hate crime is disturbing and frightening. He says the latest numbers from 2021 show more than a 140 bias incidents. More than half were race related, dozens targeted religion, especially Jewish people, glasses set a letter about creating the task force to county executive Mark L rich. Coming up here on WTO, we mentioned this a few minutes ago

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