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If you turn off your radio and open the window you can probably hear him straight from the studio call mark levin at eight seven seven three eight one eight one one pleasure to have professor steve on my show here how are you steve very well mark i wanted to ask you a few questions here steve calabrese and i worked together with the attorney general meese in the reagan administration steve went on to be a professor at northwestern law school over the weekend i believe a weather maybe friday you shared with me and a handful of others an opinion you wrote a very compelling when in my view that the appointment of robert muller violates the appointments clause of the constitution can you summarize what you mean by that yes the constitution appointments clause sets up two kinds of officers principal officers who do important things and must be nominated by the confirmed by the senate and inferior officers who are subordinates who can be appointed by the head of a cabinet department or by some other principal officer my argument is that special counsel robert muller is more like a us attorney who was a principal officer who has to be nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate then he is like an assistant us attorney who is an inferior officer and so i think that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein committed a grievous mistake and violated the constitution appointments clause blatantly when he appointed robert muller to be a principal officer when muller had not been nominated by president trump nor confirmed by the senate now you go through your analysis here because we've had pass special counsel pass independent counsel and your point here is not like molar that his that his areas of responsibility investigation are so broad and getting an all make the arguments if you and getting broader by the day including his own staff now we found out that they've been appointed special assistant us attorneys four of them so they can go even further afield.

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