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In place because really you know you'll see has been forever been big brother has you know the we'll give you these these a fight at these discretionary bonuses of the other night if we like you we will um you know will pay yet you're for your your opponent didn't make weight the fight is cancelled okay well we'll be nice about it and will pay you well it shouldn't be we'll be nice of you you actually did your work you will you did what you had to do to fulfill your agreement to be there that should be what determines whether you get paid not whether the ufc lakeshore not and so that so i think the fighters uh uh you know you know if the fighters no what's good for them it really not so much justified it but the fighters of their management's me the managers have to look at this and say you know every manager who have several fighter has this has to go to those all those fighters and say i greer's some things that we could benefit from and the sport can benefit too i i can you more this there's like i don't know less than ten like really influential managers in this business who have linked stables they're the ones who should be rounding the tubes and be like louis these two are doing and it's not about having a contentious relationship with the ufc it's just having a voice is having a say that they can be to spring these things upon you um and you have absolutely no say so i'm i'm really curious to see what happens here and unlike the fact that it's kind of flown under the radar little bit not a lot of fanfare not a lot of buzz no big press conference we're doing this it doesn't even have a real name is out a project right now get evolved for more the spirit right okay uh one of quickly talk about this weekend in mma because i think it's a really good one on friday.

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