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She claimed responsibility for breaking into a school conversation went on site along the police were able to track the cold found the girls giggling and sought the fund box once arrested their fingerprints were taken and the twins were interviewed frustratingly for the officer little information was gleaned from the twins other than a few story food lumps they were both charged with misuse of a nine nine nine cool in an attempt to deter them from any future criminal activity towards the end of october still intent on burning down a building they broke into a local tennis court entering foreign adjoining temporary kitchen once there the cooked at the kitchen in petrol and set it alight marvelling in the destruction they caused the following evening they broke into a local track to store located on snug drop line once inside they stole some office equipment and two bomber jackets they pulled the contents of a small kind of petrol led boot with the maverick desk which they immediately set alight the flames quickly took home they pulled no petrol throughout the neighboring rooms and again through a lit match into the liquid and watch does its contents were loss to the blyth is the far engulfed the building a possible i notice the flames so he formed the emergency services strike to why the goals fled remarkably unscathed clutching a carry a bagful of items that stole it in order of the flames the twins joined the crowds of onlookers is far fought his risk their lives to tackle the place the far subsided the twins were sent time unbeknownst to them a neighborhood seen the goes making their way to the track to shed reported them to the police.

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