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In the morning show vibrations mostly good as brian wilson of the bowens get the there are some chart history here good vibration week one the number one record in america fifty years ago this christmas season nineteen fifty six andy got little more chart history coming at you including the number one album the iconic album was number one in america forty years ago gonna yes lites coming from that of a couple hip christmas tuned so ready to roll on this tuesday the sixth of december marc davis in for a huge hewitt okay after so smelled the mess trial coming maybe you did too if you're following this because the jury teetered on the brink of a deadlock last week the case is michael slater the officer in north charleston south carolina and the victim it is walter scott a drive ribbon pulled over for traffic stop this is in april of twenty fifteen and amid all of the stories where there has been disagreement ferguson baltimore staten island charlotte news clippings of places names of people you know freddy grade michael brown we know them by the geography and we know them by the person who died at the hands of a police officer amid all of the disagreements that we fat over which have been justified in which have not in by the way from ferguson to staten island.

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