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As the theory Yeah, I I didn't know that. I didn't know they did that. But that's okay. I mean, email you can email pat. Thie. The symbols. What you want to find out. And she can do that. She has access to You are. Our site. That is a combination of Evaluator and which There's so much incredible work. And the full You know the full sight, so there's no restrictions so she can check that out in a few seconds in the email your back so you can do that Pat had financial issues, not work. Gary, 65 year old growth and income trust. We already did that. Um, is saying thank you for Dr Bartlet on your show. I encourage everyone to watch the interview and to write their elected officials. Well, great. That is great. Thank you for that. Concerns if they have concerns about a virus. To free our doctors up. It is amazing. His interview was amazing. I hope that everybody has seen that by now. You find that on our website to go to YouTube. Financial issues. FINANCIAL issues Stewardship ministries at With dance here or something like that. But you can go to the YouTube and find it if you're if you follow me on Twitter, it's it was put on Twitter on my Twitter account at financial issues. So you can go there and you can forward it to everybody. Or you can click on the link and then copy the link and YouTube link and get that to your email. To your friends and family. Somebody's asking me can is asking me. Can you tell me why e 28? Still me so poorly compared to the other companies. I Thanks for you. Dio can that was on my cell list Several set a long time ago now, probably close to a weeks ago. With that big list that I put on there. Obviously, you didn't sell it. I asked people to sell it, move it into something else in the energy field on my list, but Yeah. I don't know what to tell you about it other than I insisted, Pated this eight 10 weeks ago whenever that wass but Either missed it or decided to hang on to it. So I don't I don't know what to tell you about it. I had a whole lot of reasons why I did that. And This has been One of them so Anyway. All right. Let me go to Demetris Dimitrius in Texas. I don't know that I'm doing well, Thank you. Well, I want to give you a quick rundown. How.

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