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Do you know are you familiar with like commercial directors? Yeah. Yeah. By the way, you can stop as familiar with things you're saying Barry thing, you're like a radio guy. So I'm just wondering if you know because like you have watch television. I know about direct. Okay. Okay. So yeah. So because I watch ton of television. I didn't know some oh shoot. I thought they were all just real people pretending that they liked subway, sandwiches and stuff. Really? Okay. I know we did surprise you to know that in every commercial whoever is saying, whatever they're saying is very very nervous. They're about to get fired at all at all times. My god. Yeah. That's that kind of that's kind of hot. A possible. Fucking issue happening. I liked that. If there's ever a couple who were like holding hands or arm around each other. They've just met, and they are probably disgusted by just. That's what about the guy who lost all that waiting subway sandwiches. He is he an actor too. Because forcibly know that's one of the most recent work. I've only seen a few of his most recent things, but they're upsetting. Yeah. They are where you saw them. Yeah. I accidentally was on a weird shared drive on the silk road. Okay. You got to scrub your computer. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I have I gave it the bleach dip. Okay. So you have a white laptop. You've taken the services of a commercial director as this guy. Micheal Gandhari or something like that shell gone, dri dot, yes. I knew it was kind of like a gay pronunciation of it. And he you can say that in that manner because you are bisexual. Yes. And I don't I guess, maybe I can even you know. Yeah. You're probably shouldn't. I shouldn't. So. But I am a bisexual adult sex, man. You are a B S A SF BSA SM. That's what my other tattoo says. Because as I've progressed I crossed off sex child. I didn't have chance to get away. But once you hit I'll be getting what's what's it called after a began some after paychecks and hobby fuck in print money year. Well, I mean, those after checks they dwindle dwindle in this one. I needed to hit hot. What's going on with you? They're trying to shut down the trying to bulldoze my mom's. They're trying to pull does it. How are they trying to it seems like they would with bulldozer and do it or not while my mom is she's currently my mom and my Oakland. uncle? Change yourself to the front of our house because they want they want to pave pave it over and put up a parking lot Ono the Joni Mitchell special. What is that? I'm not familiar. So that what does she she's change herself to the house like a like a bicycle or something? Yeah. I guess like a lot of different things can be chained, but bicycles probably the best example. She's changed herself. Like one arm to one set of bay windows the other arm to right? So no one steals her. Yes. And no one can steal. And it goes all the way around the house, and you have to go through her legs to like a wheel. Oh, no. So people just Papa wheel off a bike. If you still I don't know about you. I've got a garage full of fucking mountain bike wheels. I gotta do Dino wheel. If you're looking for one, oh, I'm not Mongoose wheel. Grimm's stingray. No GT mound. Okay. That's all I got those you only have four, but you have a few car tires to. But I've I've multiple of all those ties coming pass of of course. But the bicycle tires. They come in single come in pairs like that movie. Call me by name. Okay. So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The fruit confused because you know, I'm on Kito diet. So I had no idea. So so you don't know fruits because you don't eat them yet. Because I don't have time to learn them once now, I've learned all the vegetables and shit. I'm room for fruit. Did you used to know them and they've just slipped out of your mind? Like, there's I used to well fruits, then I learned prepositions and fruits went out of my mind. How much space is available in your mind? How much memory doctor explained.

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