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Let's hear clip number six. Okay the song to close if I if I can't revisit the the plot of the song yeah the so so it's about a guy who is on the dance floor with the girl but he's telling the girl a hey. You're you're dancing too close to me and I'm coming aroused and you're you're giving me an erection on here on the the dance floor. That's inappropriate yeah yeah so Akiva five one commandingly now that was an easy right are easy one very easily won. I thought it was gonNA be hard one. He's talking about the song again Jordan so I am not the number three. This is for rob who did raw call out for not doing well in the podcast. One sports pool was a rich Eisen. Would the Dan Patrick see Shaquille O'Neal D Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'll say it was Shakeel O.`Neil Okay let's hear clip number five Okay Eddie Shack our our competition in the in the singularly because one thirty nine fifteen rebound debt he had a shock but it was not doing as well in the podcast one sports net pool yeah I does he. He makes the Pixie think he's got like an assistant. Pick for him. I think that there's a shack whisperer who does picks yeah there might yeah shack might would have multiple whispers beating again this year you being everybody yeah yeah knife yeah and I think this is a this is a good segue into the the one round of this game that we're going to work a little bit differently. During the the I believe it was the the nap so there was a nfl week three. This is twenty eighteen so yes this this this would have been the rap episode rob You you picked picks five football games and the way that this is GonNa work. You're going to have to pick who what team did rob pick in the game. If you get that right you have a chance of getting a second point by guessing if rob was correct or if rob was really getting in the weeds here yeah. Do you not want to do this. We don't have to I mean but but I would say well. This is going to be funny like who cares probably not that. It's a category save it for the end. Let's save this for the we'll see. We'll save that we'll save patients. The game is like what are some crazy things that robin mckeever. We're talking about all these years ago. Did you come up with WHO picked it. or where did one of your your your helpers do this. I could blame it on them but I actually came up with. Were there just to be clear now the rap ones we're all my literally. Nobody could care less about people aren't they. Chairman did we pick a pick football games later in this podcast and nobody cares the nobody cares from a year ago yeah. We're on the same page here. Okay okay so let's let's go now. I'll come on thirty two fans and we can do we can visit so let's. Let's go. Let me see I have we done. I heard they're upset. Let's do let's do the Seinfeld Seinfeld finale. We haven't done any here yet yeah episode whatever that yeah this was this was a very very long episodes and I know because I only got through half of that before I had to outsource it to sean amount so again. I like Jordan Rub said he he's so busy this okay fine we're asking a lot from short notice and then after I spent the whole day doing production of fakes viruses and couldn't answer the fake survivor production to work on this podcast. I've been I've been I've been married to that to that plan liked. I couldn't cancel wheel Jordan. The wheel can call any point join time unique recording survivors my Mitch. I was like better every weekend. Better vetera- tend not every Tuesday. I didn't know it was going to have to be twos though they listeners there on the weekend the listeners wheel we could wake you up at four in the morning and say it's pot and ironically. That's what time it is right now for Akiva three yes so Akiva. We're going to the survivor finale. What what did you guys agree would be annoying about working in an office a people stealing your food be coworkers overhearing your phone conversations see not being able to take a nap APP during the day De Ante Spoiler Cultural Culture Yeah I I definitely not nap spoiler culture? Yeah you could get spoiler the office that is a big problem. I hear I don't know I don't have a job at home or not at all culture talk on the phone yeah yeah. We're not phone talkers. That's an absurd. That's a joke answer clip clip number twenty four okay here we go. I don't work in an office and neither do but that's actually probably W. Noy because if you went to the office like one yeah it's probably so don't spoil me heavy like that would be so you mentioned like Carol doesn't WanNa can't listen to our game of thrones conversation. Caroline accounting isn't watching it till Tuesday with their husbands. Come back then Carol. You Better Watch the show. Oh we're spoiling the fortyish spoiler culture or society here yeah six sixty two Akitas lead and Robert is your question what character or characters does Akiva speculate may have died in the seinfeld finale a newman be a spell costanza see both d neither newman have died in the Seinfeld's finale and then why would still Costanza have died in the seinfeld finale can't think of a a reason why they would be dead so I've seen I'll say both both okay. Let's hear a clip number twenty six okay. Is She alive. At the end of this episode food is still alive. At the end of the episode look she faints and like when they read the after they read the ruling like sort of cut to her and she's like splayed out over the overlook the bench in the back of the core she might be debt. I don't think still died in the seinfeld finale. I think she might died as George Costanza says in this episode episode when you're bleak you're bleak but I don't think we're that believe Kief well this sort of sleeping on it but also like did Newman die from choking on whatever he was was joking on. I don't think so I think Newman should have died. Honestly does that Count Yup accountable so it is it is six to three. Oh that was like the field goal hooking hooking hooking and just broke right back. It's you didn't take a delay of game at the last minute because I think you probably would Bruce Arians us in here good job Akiva. You have a six to three are- lead have MIA. Let's let's go to let's go. Let's go back to the the May twenty second episode and this is going to be a question for Kiva so okay. This is which future nap episode did ROB. I proposed on the May Twenty Second Ninety eight episode was a the wife swap quiz be explaining star wars to Kiva See. I can't believe it's just Banter D- DOC advice not why can't we propose. I think it might have been mine about Star Wars. I'm going to say his own and say Star Wars okay. Let's play clip number nine. Okay you've never seen any of the star wars film I'll give you the synopsis of each film and then I invent invent one storyline or change one story line that would actually did not happen in the movie and then you have to figure out which one is is not is not real pretty easy question vessel seventy three this is eh if that's an easy question and this one should be an equally easy question question number. Six Texas is for rob. What future recap episode did AKIVA? I propose on the May twenty second ninety eight episodes guys for having me answer the question and seconds ago was it a millennial heels killed it be Judge Judy Jeopardy Aka Robin Akiva smart and our Listener Dee Robin Akiva nickname a baby oh and carry the choices one more time time yes a millennial killed it be judging Judy See Jeopardy de Rabbi Akiva Akiva name a baby. This is what the EVA for I propose on the bypass pretty sure it was jeopardy okay. Let's hear Clinton number eight okay. Should we put on the wheel rob verse Akiva in Jeopardy Eh. I guess we didn't really need a clip for second time. It's a the timesaver so seventy four AKIVA has the lead and we are going to know how it saves time it saves it saves time that it was a short clip. We could would've gone deeper deeper on that clip so it didn't save time of of not doing it. was that's true. Let's go to let's go go to Seinfeld the shower head. We haven't done any questions from the these are all all Nick Fishman questions so if you don't like the angrily tweet what year is this from two thousand sixteen you. This is the shower twenty sixteen. Yes okay on my birthday is that these episodes did not listen to this podcast so if if it was bad job for nine dates in front of you what kind of what kind of notes do you have. You said you have eleven pages of notes. There are fifty three both choice questions okay fine. How many have we done so far we have done? There's eleven correct answers. I don't know how many incorrect answers I. It's honestly a working we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA Redo questions and then Robin are gonNA lose it Jordan. Yeah I'm crossing. I'm crossing the matt. You'd have to worry about. Probably we'll see so here here. We go. This is for a Kiva. What was the main issue that Dr Thomas and the Doctor Thomas was the official Dr Seinfeld podcast? What was the main issue that he had with the episode in regards to Elaine the story line? Hey you don't need a drug screen to travel out of the country. Be Helen's P wouldn't show any signs of menopause osteoporosis see Helen's pity would have been contaminated by the trace amount amounts of coffee if collected in the coffee mug. Da Hippo violations were broken nearly everyone in this episode. I don't think it it can be deep because if you're a member rob Dr Thomas was in Australian doctor so I don't know if hip is exists in Australia so it's definitely a p one because there's two pm and I'm going to say be Jordan so Helen's P wouldn't show any Ashley wouldn't show signs of Menopausal osteoporosis play clip number eighteen okay my bigger issues with the storylines accuracy comes in the final few minutes Helen's urine sample test positive for menopause and osteoporosis so you can't diagnose those conditions on simple urine sample and even if you could it certainly wouldn't show up on a drug screen. It is ludicrous good answer circuit. You're killing it. You're killing it here. You're you're up eight to four. I'm not your question from the shower head. Which of the following things that Kiva say was among the most stated was at a local phone calls be plumbers showing up on time see vaccines at the airport? Dj Leno's hair plumbers showing up on time and doesn't seem like that would be a particularly dated thing. What was a look phone calls local phone calls? I feel like that. That seems like that would be something that we would talk about. I'll l. say a okay so let's play clip number. Sixteen okay local calls Kiva dated is that but people are worried about making local calls versus long long distance calls really should have tracked because a lot of times during the series. I say like oh now. That's the most dated thing of the whole series but this is up there..

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