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Ooh now. I can see but I appreciate that. Yeah I mean yeah I so you're not scared of the dark I as a kid like extremely But you know. I'm doing pretty good but my question. So cousin to that question is do. You feel like lightness helps with security. Because that's I think a claim we've sort of all bought into an eye and it might be dubious. Yeah I think I think people who are strapping a bunch of lights to their house for security specifically or maybe just just thinking about scary things rather than make themselves safer. Yeah also anytime I approach. Somebody's house like sometimes in La and they had those motion lanes that just come on. I always feel like I'm doing a crime even if I know the person and drop the bag of gold run away. Yeah okay well you guys. What is your relationship to darkness and read this piece. I thought it was a lovely. You guys that's the end of the show. How do you feel I feel? Is this the last one that comes out before Super Tuesday? Yes yes this is the last one to come out before Super Tuesday. Hey Do the right thing folks Warren Sanders one of those mostly wore. I'm not gonNa tell you what the right thing is but I'm also just going to list a couple of names of candidates I'm just GonNa slide a note across the table at home Jody do you have any final words of encouragement? Half a third of the country votes on Tuesday everyone calm down take a deep breath just not near someone who's coughing. We'll be fine darkness. Chill out and then vote and then vote. It's like literally just go. Sit in a dark room is probably after tall. Spec goes into a dark room and think about Elizabeth Warren. Okay you guys I would love for the people to be able to fall you and all the stuff that you do not abrogate. Where do they do that I'm on twitter at Jodi with the WII.

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