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Nhl game of the week on nbc play on the horizon the flyers hosting division rival rangers each team's regular season finale nhl game the weeks saturday at three eastern on nbc we'll check in with mike thereto at augusta coming up here in a moment we were talking about jean carlos stanton striking out five times yesterday and our friend matt jenkins from stance inc said maybe it's time that we start looking at these single season record for home runs by teammates and strikeouts by teammates the yankees have the all time record with teammates that one hundred fifteen in nineteen sixty one at sixty one and mantle hit fifty four second on this list is berry bonds bonds was seventy three in two thousand one rich a really that's a good trivia question who finished second on the giants in home runs that year richer really hit thirty seven most combined strikeouts by a teammates all time it just happened in twenty sixteen but then nobody cares about nobody's embarrassed by strikeouts anymore three hundred and eighty nine combined strikeouts for chris davis who struck out two hundred nineteen times mark trumbull one hundred seventy mark reynolds has got to be on this list there yes he second he struck out two hundred eleven times adam laroche one hundred seventy two so that's second on the list mark reynolds back again another cameo he struck out two hundred and four times in two thousand eight so maybe giancarlo stanton and aaron judge will get on that list both lists by the way i bring in mike tariq oh who joins us from augusta onsite at augusta throughout the week part of goal channels gulf central line from the masters is watching last night mike talk to tiger woods had a great sit down with rory mcilroy and todd lewis from the gulf jonah unbelievable story on bryce into shambo father in mike joins us down mike how are you.

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