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It's not like someone like myself who's barely ever painted anything walks into Home Depot and says, and sees a bunch of paint cans and says, I'm gonna get DuPont because Jeff Gordon, no, but the name recognition, I might get DuPont. I might trust that brand more. So it's a peeling to sports bettors and people in the arena and things like that. So when people want to open an app, open count in state, they might be more inclined to do MGM at because they've they're more familiar with the brand. I mean, that's like advertising one, oh one. So I think that's what it is and the excuse me the NBA knows it has value on that front and platform, and that's why it's a cash grab. It's twenty five million for three years. Only remember could be three times that in three years on the next deal. And it also opens the door for other a gaming operators. Agreed. And I think some of the key moments from Silverton urines, press conference. There they talked about this. This is really, you know, baseline deal. There's a lot of felixibility at it, kinda review it make tweaks and stuff. It was just basically the NBA wanted to go first and pick its partner, and they thought MGM was the best partner to picks. They didn't want to get anybody else about any of these other leagues or somebody to swoop in there and get the first pick. So the India got who they wanted now, though this kind of deal with them throughout the years and see how this everything evolves and transitions. So I guess my question would be, let's say, Nevada, you've been getting this data for whatever, you know, smaller price what is to stop the other sports leagues like the NFL from making the exact same deal and having, let's say, MGM have to, hey, I guess choose to pay for data feed from the NFL from the NBA from the NHL from all these other Lee. Leagues. Good question. We kinda called around checked in with some of the sports leagues, and nobody was really reacting to it to the deal with GM and the so kind of a wait and see. I don't think anybody knows that this time you would assume that the other leagues are going to want to do this, but I can't believe the NFL would want to do any of you for twenty five million deals are in the hundreds of millions NBA's really. If you look at some of their passes deals with the company like sports radars radar, and etc. Those are, you know, hundred million plus deals. So while we set the market, it got pretty low. So it'll be interesting to see if these other leagues even want to bother with that. Yeah. I mean, I don't want to regurgitate it what we talked about earlier bit, but it's just it's a nice partnership. It's a win win for both sides, but it's very elementary. I think this data feeds a little misleading and I just think it was a little bit of a dog and pony show, but that's my initial take will see as the gaming industry Volve and more states are legal and more apps. Maybe there's going to be advantageous, but I don't think MGM's all of a sudden go off market. I think they're gonna stay on market because they, they want to their liability and all that risk management. So I don't think it even matters to have some of this data. Does it change the point spreads for sure. There's nothing in there. Again, once we get into a more evolved, mature US market that if it follows the victory of Europe where more money is bet on in games and pre-game than that could be valuable, especially the speed of it. Well, speaking of app betting big week for New Jersey, they joined the the party within the Vada. You have some stories on that draft kings would what's the latest there. Yeah, Jackie's launched kind of soft launch of their sports betting act yesterday in New Jersey. People can register for the app and then they're going to select trial group. Basically kinda run through everything trial will be allowed to wage real money and see how everything works..

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