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Clones. So get got chess lockenfora coming up in a moment. Already an Email, though, an Email rates who's the new guy? Bruce willis. Path. Damn I wish Randall ran who's all over it. Man. Some you watch his show very closely. If you're watching on CBS sports network, we always shoot behind the glass, and you look at the TI. There is a new dude dude is not Bruce Willis, I wish it were a big Bruce Willis got you know, that. Get together. The fact of the matter is my man Robert is moving on. And there is a new dude. And it's not Bruce Willis. So I will get a little bit later on since you clones already there or has promised. We are joined right now by a man with an amazing resume, but at the Super Bowl he did request that he simply be introduced as the man who will forever. Have the title of first cast on the CBS sports network jungle simulcast on top of that. He has NFL insider for CBS, sports and CBS sports dot com. He appears every Sunday on the NFL today on CBS. He is host of be more opinionated podcast. He of course is Jason lockenfora. Jason what's up? Are. You going buddy? Is you know, that was the pinnacle, and it's all downhill since Barrett's was at my man. I appreciate it. We always will no matter what they do. They can't they cannot. They cannot dad cold hands. Don't do. All right. Chelsea the draft is finally over. So say quick look back. Was there ever any doubt in your mind that was going to take Kyla Murray within pick overall? No there wasn't. And I'm hardly alone in in in that reporting. And in that conclusion, it was the worst kept secret in the NFL. It wasn't a kept secret. It was obvious. It was overt. They can talk about a process all they want. This was the guy was cast on this with the hiring of cliff Kingsbury. And it was punctuated with you know, Tyler Murray not. Coming in at five eighth and a smidge or whatever from the combine on. I don't know how many columns I wrote about this. But it was certainly more than four and maybe less than ten, but it was quite a few. Murray was going to the cardinals. Dan Schneider was infatuated by Dwayne Haskins and whether through trading up or whatever that was his guy. Dave Dave Gettleman was in love with Daniel Jones. He he said it himself since the senior bowl that was pretty widely known. Andrew off was the apple of John Elway as I it was just a matter of trade off the middle eight first round to get them or not and all of that held true. Jason lockenfora joining us. All right. So what about Josh Rosen? What do you make of the trade the dolphins made to acquire him? I love it whether it works or not if you're an organization like this that is clearly look taking the long view and is about. At that, procurement and player development, and and finding value getting the tenth overall pick twelve months later for pick sixty two strikes me as value and picking up an extra two in the process through the trade down with the saints supreme value. I don't know about the nucleus around him this year. And I think he's gonna take your lumps again. But they'll get to know him as a person they'll see his practice habits. They'll see how he picks up this system. I think we'll pick it up pretty quickly. And they'll be able to decide if he is worth cultivating the long-term face of the franchise, and it's not gonna be able to trade a twenty three year old. Josh Rosen for a mid round pick at least. And you're probably only going to win four to six games with him. Anyway. So you'll be in position that might be high. You'll be in position to take a quarterback next year. And if by chance this kid is a player. Then think about next year if it is a four or five quarterback draft. And if it is too and Herbert up top, and you have one of those picks, and you can trade out of it for king's ransom. After getting your guy at sixty two. I will sign up for that eight days a week give me that all day long. They get a real blue Chipper and Wilkins at thirteen. I like what they're doing. If Stephen Ross can leave you guys alone and commit to losing for a couple of years. They could be the next Cleveland Browns say in twenty twenty one where you turn the corner. And when you finally turn it brother, you're not looking back. Now, it's not saying Jason I can't believe that I'm about to say this. But I like what the dolphins are doing. I like it a lot Jason lockenfora my guest now back in two thousand fifteen a sports writer wrote a piece on Washington's quarterback situation and made the predation jail. See Robert Griffin. Workout right? There would be drafting another quarterback within five years. You know, where I'm going with this who was that sports writer that would Dwayne Haski. Right. And he was writing for the bullet school paper there a prep school in the DC area. And chances are that made that made its way to Dan Snyder because he had kids at the school at the same time, Dwayne Haskins mentors a buddy of mine. Shawn springs. Former all pro corner who played for the Redskins and who mentored Haskins and sort of help guide him from where he was in New Jersey playing again. Kinda lesser talent to getting him to the DMV as we call. I guess I need to explain the district Maryland in Virginia the DMV is we call in this area to go up against some some defensive backs who would be playing on Sundays one day. So yeah. Th this Dwayne Haskins was not a mystery to dance night or Bruce Allen. And when you're talking about macro level Washington Redskins decisions like that. Those are the only two names that really matter. So what do you make of that fit for him? And for the team. I mean, I love it. I I also liked that young man. A little fearful because you know, we can take it back to you know, he's Schuler or however far you want to go back. You know history has not been kind to Washington Redskins quarterbacks, you know, at least the last twenty odd years, and no one has really been able to become that ten year face of the franchise guy. You know, even cousins all the money, they paid them. He he started there for two or three years, and then he's gone. So hopefully, they can build an infrastructure around him. I really liked their draft. If people don't metal and leave some things alone. I think they have the ability of their front seven stays healthy to be Beasley on that side of the ball, and they should be able to run the football little bit. And hopefully doesn't have to do too much too soon. But the get him at fifteen fifty touchdowns eight interceptions playing against the best college teams in the land. I again, I think the kid has a real chance to be stuck. Some me up for that. Jason lockenfora joining us for another moment or so Jason on Thursday, a TV station in Kansas City released audio reportedly of a conversation between tyreek hill and his fiancee includes a conversation about hill, allegedly hitting their three year old son he'll making a threat to his fiancee. What do you make of how the team has handled this, and what do you expect the league to do when it comes to hill? I'm reading a calm on it. Actually right now. The Kansas City Chiefs a domestic violence problem. And I shouldn't say the Kansas City Chiefs. It's the owner Clark hunt because you can go back to December first twenty twelve when when Giovane belts your kills his girlfriend Cassandra Perkins age twenty two then goes facility kneels behind a car blows his brains out from that point on the Kansas City. Chiefs have continually had an open door policy for individuals with history of abuse right up through the decision last Friday to have a press conference welcoming Frank Clark who was arrested for domestic violence in college and kicked off his team. Within hours of the that Cape. You're just you're just referencing coming out regarding hill player they drafted despite him being kicked off his college team and arrested for assault. When at that time, his girlfriend was pregnant. According to police he points during the face punch in the stomach and choked her, and he was sick. So. What do I expect the chiefs to do? He playing man footballs in hey, somebody in next year's draft. And he's got a history of abuse. But we think there's value in the fifth round come on down. I mean, that's what they're action show me. That's who they are. That's what on is. You can't say Kansas City Chiefs. Because a lot of things have changed. The last seven years, the constant is the owner coaches different personnel. People those individuals with those sorts of records don't get an NFL buildings unless owner sign off on it. They don't get cut unless owners sign off on it. They don't get one hundred and three million dollars in free agency, unless the owner signs off on it. So what do I expect them to do? I guess keep doing what they're doing. In the meantime, at some point this week, he'll probably end up on the Commissioner's example list. What the fact that it got to this point? I mean to me it's quite telling. Jason lockenfora is an NFL insider, four CBS, sports and CBS sports dot com. I concur, by the way. He also appears every Sunday on the NFL today on CBS. He is host of be more opinionated podcast. Jason lockenfora GMC. Appreciate you very much. You too. Jason lockenfora. I can't dispute anything. He just said, right? We talked about this last Friday. One eight hundred six three six eight six eight six you simply cannot give them a pass for bringing this guy in. They knew who they were getting they knew what he didn't college. They knew what he did to his then pregnant girlfriend cannot be surprised at all at all. Right. When we come back, and if you want to respond go ahead get yourself in the rotation. One eight hundred six three six eight six eight six gave yourself in a few minutes because I've got Ben golfer.

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