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Searching. Will it wasn't D day who won? That Travers stakes all of those calls. You just heard pertaining to the stallion standing buck pond farm near for sales here in Kentucky and Doug Arnold is in studio with us here this morning for our stallion spotlight segment. This segment brought to you every week by our friends at red brand fence it I mean, I race calls. They get your pumped up right horses are so powerful and winning those races. And for me, personally, wildcat red was a horse that I just fell in love with I loved his heart L of just nasty, and I can still remember we kind of followed him around with our broadcasts. And it seemed like every time that we were there while cat read was there in a big race to and he showed up every single time. Oh, he he was unbelievable sand one from six furlongs to Mylan innate, you know, he was right there on the lead or closer to every time, and he remained sound is ochre rear. So. Don little owning wicked strong. You know? Razzed in a little bit. Well, you were sitting there. That was your job. That's right to we're gonna talk more about those stallion standing at buck pond here in a minute. But I want to congratulate you you've been on quite a roll lately, including a very special day recently where buck pond being a smaller kind of a boutique almost operation. I hope I'm saying that. That's right bread. Two stakes winners on the same day. Congratulations. Thank you very much. It was a great thrill as you all know, how hard it is to give wins in this game. So of course, Nick shares had one greatest states won a great one stake at Keeneland, but he won the saying Gabriel just got up to win and then fancy dress party at Gulfstream when the glitter woman by five links she's undefeated and Ellen j Foxwoods. I mean, they've done a remarkable job with Jason lit and Alex Elise. And and Jamie, Roth the whole team has been magnificent. And they've just really done a great job. And my hat's off to they really. They've they've. They placed her the proper way and giving her substantial time in between. So we're looking forward to two thousand nineteen Goodyear. That's good. Well, it is tough when you have a small farm. You don't have hundreds of of horses. Born every year, you have a, you know, small operation and to have two stakes winners in a year would be great but to have to win day fantastic. And in those sources have both been on little roles. So in a last what six months or so it's been been a lot of fun to watch both of those horses run there there. Good story. I think next shares could have been closer in the Pegasus World Cup turf. That we saw last weekend to had. In the same thing happened to him in the brewers Cup. And he just was on the inside had to check three or four times. So I'm not making excuses, but but he's been a magnificent horse and one thing that we did a few years ago is is that we were buying mayors pretty much to breach our stallions to try to make the stallions. And since that time since. Probably two thousand thirteen something like that. We started by mayors market breeding to increase the the good horses that we have and it's really kind of starting to pay off right now. And we had we have had a great year the last two years and selling yearlings, which is usually a pretty good indicator of what kind of quality that you're selling. We sold. The highest price cross traffic in the country to to Don little and he's coming back. He's working. Now. His name's Jay Walker..

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