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From Allstate PO local Allstate agent and get a quote your next come on traffic at four fifty four sings more those tall thunder heads moving into the east side specially over the cascade foothills lesser we've seen some rain here in the last hour also off the hood canal area north end up by Bangor so our forecast the combo eco roof weather look partly cloudy tonight thirties and forties sunny tomorrow through Sunday gradually warming from the upper sixties tomorrow to the low eighties Saturday and Sunday downtown Seattle now it's sixty at komo news stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven with a Lisa Jaffe I'm Rick van size our editor Jeremy greater southwest is pushing to check temperatures before passengers board the CEO wants the TSA to include this at checkpoints as a way to guard against corona virus also in our news today everything from cars to jewelry and electronics stolen from ninety east side homes as the owners were sheltering in place elsewhere Bellevue police have made two arrests that's what someone these customers want to know the meat shortages hit the fast food chain ABC's Alex stone joins us on the komo news line Alex hamburgers Wendy's go hand in hand how bad is it right now it's really a supply and demand problem that that plants have gone down because of cold outbreaks in the plant and gal this is growing after a couple of weeks of warnings that we're beginning to see it at the consumer level the Wendy's is having problems getting it up beef other companies are saying McDonald's and Burger King.

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