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Justice department, but I have course expect cavenaugh not to answered any such questions privately with with President Trump, but I do think it's fair to say, look of the twenty five people on the list of names that the president had selected as supreme court finalists. Judge cavenaugh tends to be the most suspicious when it comes to criminal investigations of president of anyone on that list. And you know, I suspect that that's one important reason why he was picked Nina. Some of these democratic senators suggested explicitly the President Trump pick judge Cavanaugh in order to protect himself. It was an extremely explosive ascriptin of motive. Do you think it's fair or not. Well, I think it over it may have overcome his hesitation about anybody who's from the DC circuit and sort of Washington life. I think he liked picking people from a list that didn't have anybody on it from Washington DC from the court of appeals here in Washington DC. I think you it, it appealed President Trump's notion of who he is and who his supporters are to have people from other parts of the country who sort of of necessity have not actually ruled on issues like this and are less likely to have pondered them. And so therefore I think the, I don't know whether he picked him for that reason. I just think that Cavanaugh is probably the of everybody on that list now and I don't pretend to know the others and. Read everything that the others have done. I just think he is so much smarter so much more experienced so much more as a human being deft that he will be a far more influential member of the court very quickly. Then certainly Justice score such has been so far or that any of the others were likely to be. I agree with what Nina saying about his ability hard-working brilliants in his deftness on. It's just my point is that's never someone who Donald Trump ever picks. It just happened to be in this one instance on that. He did so, and it does to, in my mind raise some some suspicions. And I frankly feel bad for judge Cavanaugh because you know he is someone who deserves by all accounts to be on the list for exactly the right reasons is just that this president doesn't tend to follow the right reasons. Let us talk about the crucial question of president of acid. Confirmation hearings, and there's bobbing and weaving. Nina at a recent federalist society conference there was a vote, will Roe v Wade be overturned and a overwhelming majority voted? No, they don't think it'll be overturned, although it might be. Now when push came to shove based on what you heard at the hearings if under the assumption that Justice Roberts might vote not to overturn Bo because of his concern with institutional legitimacy of the court. Do you think that's come out with vote with Roberts or with the conservatives would vote overturn it. Gee, I really don't know, my guess is if you if they don't have five votes in overturn Roe eight. You know if they don't know when they take such a case, they are that if there isn't an easier way to do it. If you for example, you could easily see that they would uphold a lid of twenty weeks instead of the second. You know, two trimesters, I could easily see essentially overruling what the.

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