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Wtvn allison wyatt the president praised the economy yesterday speaking at a business roundtable in cleveland trump said the trade with china can no longer be a one way street and he drew applause when he noted the record low unemployment rate the president says the republican tax reform bill not only reform taxes but simply cut taxes trump boys joined by small business owners and other professionals who shared their success stories many of them talked about how the tax reform benefited their companies and their employees he didn't just stick to the economy though when his opening remarks he also wanted to assure americans that the relationship between the us north korea and south korea will be smoothed out he also denounced immigration laws which he referred to as catchandrelease policies trump called it unfortunate that the central american caravan was allowed into the united states and says it reinforces the imbalance of border security a government crackdown on e cigarette products today the feds are worried that liquid nicotine sold in packages that look like juice boxes candy containers and even cans of whipped cream can be dangerous to children thirteen companies receiving warning letters from the fda and ftc saying their products are misleadingly labeled or advertised some manufacturers writing on their websites they have childproof packaging and strict guidelines to avoid selling to minors that's abc's ariel rush f police warned that a high number of overdoses have occurred in pick away county just in the past twenty four hours the circle ville police department and the pick away county sheriff's office are notifying people on social media that an unusually high number of narcotic overdoses have been happening in the area just in the last day they say it's likely because of an extremely potent narcotic that is being sold police say if you witness anyone experiencing an overdose call nine one one.

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