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Rios for the lead. He's gone cores, VHP local quality, affordable health insurance to on Sam, Okay? Now, Here's the Voice of the quakes. Ted Raimi, Welcome back to PayPal Park every one, of course, this one, a broadcast that took place at Orleans Field in ST Paul, Minnesota, but a good point earned for the San Jose Earthquakes because that's what you're supposed to do on the road has earned a points and for the earthquakes, those have been coming. Nearly often enough, But in two out of their last three road games, they have earned a point in Austin and now in Minnesota. It's just a matter of seeing if they can rectify things at home. But even though they do learn a point, the winless streak is now extended to eight games. But still you feel a little bit more positivity out of this one. As you did see contributions from a guy like Benji to candidates for the first time ever use odd just that life from Shea Salinas, who gets his 50th assist as a member of the San Jose Earthquakes. And even though all is not fixed with San Jose, this one feels like it was a step in the right direction. In fact, from a TSL made it was the first time he's earned a points against Adrian Heath and Minnesota United. And Really, it was that penalty. That Marcinkowski made the stop on, but unfortunately, the rebound came back to Avila, who was able to score the goal and give the loons the 21 lead. Santa's able to recover but couldn't get the win in this one. Tonight's Man of the match is brought to you by Michelob Ultra We're going with Benji can candidate for scoring his first ever Major league soccer goal. It came as a substitute immediately made his impact felt. And Benji Kaganovich is our man of the match. Brought to you by Michelob Ultra and our play of the game was the goal by Benji Canopic assisted by She Salinas, Of course, his 50th as a member of the San Jose Earthquakes, and just a beautiful bit of soccer that got the earthquakes. The points on the road. So man of the match brought to you by Michelob Ultra was Benji Vucanovich and the play of the game with Shea Salinas. Setting up Benji for the game tying goal and for each saved by our keepers. This year, All state will donate $100 to pledge 74. Tonight's Today's Save of the match is brought to you by all states. We're going to go with the stop big stopped by JT Marcinkowski who got big to stop a shot from Fraga Pon, and that one proved very, very key in this match, and so JT Marcinkowski making that big stop. He earns our save of the match again for each save made by our keepers. This year, all state will donate $100 to play 74. $100 to pledge 74 from all states. We're going to take a break. We'll be back with continued postgame coverage coming up next Cannabis takes a shot. Hey, Scott Hours right on time. Benji, Ca can a bitch with his first major league soccer goal levels this game at two in the 82nd minute. This is K N B r 10 50. October with. Yeah. Player Kruger, Rod Brooks. It's t K. B. If we're gonna replay, let's get it right Replay would be better if the people in New York looking at the replay making that determination had no idea what the call on the field was. There's already an advantage to one side where there should be no advantage. They need to come out and say this is what we saw. That's what we want to know. It's Tollberg, Kruger and Brooks Weekdays. 2 to 6 on K NPR these sports leader this summer There should only be one word on the tip of your tongue. Yes, yes to another round of fresh shucked oysters or to yes to that last minute weekend getaway, even if it is five hours away. Yes, just sleeping in staying out or both. And yes, to embracing life. In thrilling style say yes to the summer of Audi sales event happening now. Hey, quakes fans recycle right this summer by.

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