Jim Joe, Elwood, Chaudhry discussed on Amanpour - Hero MP speaks of huge challenge in tackling extremism. Exclusive with Victoria Nuland


So at the time i reported on jim joe the actually reported on jim joe these six seven time over over a probably set ten twelve years since i've been working in this field and many of the people in the muslim community have been doing exactly the same thing the authorities the minister elwood was unable to tell us what the authorities new time and time again these people have been reported to the authorities on the policies did nothing what do they need to do they they dick travel around this country promoting their hatred division over divided society their endorsing violence and the killing of innocent people and they celebrate the barbaric crimes of isis if that is not enough to have the police in the authorities look into them then i'm really really scheduled on the future so let me ask you this because we know that horror about was on some kind of a watchlist in 2015 and then we're told by the met that that was downgraded because they saw no evidence of an actual attack being planned and we know that this deal thousands of people out there who are on these this and they're obviously aren't enough police to deal with that they could never be what do you think the authorities need to do because this is a a real crunch at the moment what we have a law in this country christiana which is going for caytion of terrorism and i believe i jumped chaudhry and his co heart on his extremist for ras meet the requirement the criteria for clarification of terrorism so i have no problem as do people in the muslim community if those people are charged and convicted in a call law and then given a longer jail term.

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