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This is the thom hartmann program two akha arben here with you and my microphone is now plugged extraordinary thing and in the studio with a snia turner the president of our revolution former ohio state senator bernie 2016 surrogate our revolution dot com is the website nina turner at nina turner as the twitter handle and senator welcome back eight he found with always sodi savigny with us and let me just say your ear here with us for the half hour and if anybody has any call if you if you have questions for for senator turner or or president turner i guess if president of our revolution now i have other good her purpose is better behavior allahu who have as we so a feel free to give us a shout and a and a nina turner we'll take your calls so first of all house are revolution doing fate of our revolution is strong good guy excited as you know and i want your listeners to know that you know several of our candidates won last night in particular attempt keller ran who won his runoff in albuquerque new mexico for the mayor seat but our candidate rando would thin in birmingham alabama one he is now mayor a length while in the south now if this had been if these have been tea party victories they'd be all over the media of course are you get any coverage on this somewhat but not nearly enough you know in in in all of the darkness that is going on right now in our country in terms of the heaviness from the natural disasters in the disaster that is president trump we can celebrate eight pause i think to celebrate some victories in having a progressive like randle would finn win in birmingham rennie a strong progress so people driven campaign is really a big deal not just for birmingham but for this country i think i think that that was the main thing that we learned out of the the.

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