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Items. For our warrior Ears, former football coach and his wife found dead on sivy Burkey that's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty the county medical examiner's office is confirming, the two, elderly people found dead in an apparent murder-suicide Sunday morning are reformer Gros Mont college football coach and his wife the union Tribune reports Dave Wesley Jordan and his wife Gina. Adele were found inside their home by a. Physical therapist at about eight thirty Sunday morning. With gunshot wounds to the head the Boeing company. Has one and eight hundred five million dollar navy contract to develop and build drone tanker planes to refuel aircraft carrier based fighter jets most of. The work will be done in Saint Louis but the LA times reports some will. Be done in San Diego after some false starts California Pacific airlines is going to fly out of Carlsbad McClellan Palam airport starting November I San Jose and Reno will be the first to destinations Right now at Lindbergh field it's cloudy and sixty eight degrees AM, seven sixty k., FM be talk and breaking news CBS news. Update Labor Day tragedies on the water four people are still missing after two boats collided Saturday on the Colorado river in southeast California nine were injured correspondent. Maria they arri Al reports, all sixteen people were, ojected passing boaters. Pulling people from the, water and, fire officials say the. Currents, were so strong some rescues were happening between three and five miles from the accident site in all nine people were taken. To local hospitals and treated one was flown to Las Vegas in critical condition fire officials investigating tell us that speed and the lack of daylight were. Factors in this accident tragedy this one involving a kayak, on lake superior in Wisconsin reporter Bruce Marcus Eric Freeman and his. Family were vacationing when, they're kayak took on water and eventually sank framing and the children aged, three through. Nine tried.

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