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Board we'll all factor into this you can be four taking strong steps to curb addiction and and the really the epidemic has happened this country but you have to be really careful in how you go about that i understand why they're doing it but there are some real questions that need to be asked one is the expense how much are you involving the taxpayers in this equation how much are we committing on the legal side and to will it have any net effect at the end or is this just a paying lawyers because often that's what happens hey wanna congratulate amy from a ski go she was our winner of the reactor home and garden shows coming up next it's day we're going to dig into two pi day tell you some that story that's all coming up next right here on wtmj these pity with you on this wednesday edition it's time for what do you have for today mr scott warren we've already talked about this a couple of times today it is national pie day march fourteenth three fourteen hard to believe it's thirty years now this is the thirtieth anniversary of pi day so what what can i share with you about this rather irrational number pie spelled pi denoted by the greek letter that looks like this you see that it's been part of human knowledge for millennia but it wasn't until eighty eight that a physicist by the name of larry shaw organized what is now recognized as the first pi day celebrations you know where cisco expletive where you out there in san francisco and eighty eight were you part of this could've been there you could have been there at the science museum now he chose march fourteenth point one four as pi day passed away just recently so what is by what is.

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