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Uh i think that uh it it is a doctor nerves and my friends i place is condemned by wha my friend but does you know with the calling of to stick with well there's too many things going on you always laugh bought it you know they say the coast of montreal always detect the montreal canadiens well maybe the curse of was sorely and the la kings or stronger than need the story in the goal of my crawl because la at one two stanley cup since then montreal has won any so maybe maybe there is some do all the uh ugly and and stuff going on behind the scenes i love it barry melrose here let's talk about the you're in now now how is vegas doing what it has done barry housed saturday to this richest of the best story in sports this what did this will this was the in end nvr felt good the biggest story in the world uh but uh it it it fourteen uh to do get an expansion team up to build this team uh and to be this good uh that we're happy leading western points uh we've go there any genuine points uh they were the first team manager all they have five pointing to twenty twenty gold scores uh and they're still are going uh they're still winning every night there's still plenty of great brand hockey and if you just you know that this is a team in the north david jack's doing and arguably the editor in the second best in the nhl all year long next to tampa so just the fantastic story if it sender elliot it's uh it's not supposed to happen it's uh uh you don't want to a fairytale what's going on in this building at the people love them there they're the hottest ticket in vegas so it's just a great great story so uh you know what happens on cinderella is that uh the midnight strikes.

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