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Reference. The trade talks saying that this could be the final the last hurrah kind of thing. And hopefully, they get it over the line. He Jinping made it very clear in the latter part of last week. He said, we won't engage in a currency depreciation. And that the is that a reasonable equilibrium level to what extent is that? Putting is that going to put a very firm comp on any further drop in the? John. I think that last year we all remember when the UN has been kind of two bit weaponized in the detention is tender with US thirties. Now, I think it's not any more attractive options because I think that in spot of the of the negotiation with the US, and I think that that means than the China to rely more on the fiscal side on the Monday to pop up economy grow. So I think that's it's a reasonable expectation to consider when you should remain stable again, again, the US nothing, but also it's important to have in mind. China is very much keen to keep some kind of stability in the national rate system. So. Strong advocates of free. Currency movement. And I think that for years be advocating for reform of the International Monetary system. So you like the ball plays. What about when it comes to stocks? The Shanghai composite hovering around the key level thirty one hundred what's what's going to drive momentum. There in stocks are these interesting valuations for you. I think that a now you we tend to prefer pony, although imagine market equities instead of this China, the rebound that's been very swift and very very impressive.

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