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Morning one of two point seven it's kiss FM so it's very interesting the street names the people passed on because they could not live on a street that had these names aha you did not want to live on I did not live on Babcock street bad bad bad bad bad bad bad but Babcock yeah I just so you know I just it wasn't for me so here is a teen in west hills Tina good morning good morning how are you I am well thanks for asking so you saw an amazing house but what strap was in on that you could not move on to the name of the street west and then throw minstrel minstrels street it might even Avenue but my point what I could not leave my house with my life and how fifteen twenty twenty five years having to explain that it tonight and not any minstrel and it may have been give me a hard time about it is that well I bet minstrel that Natalie group and I of course he'll never let you live that down that's funny well that one I understand let me go to Stephanie in Maryland miss Stephanie tell me about the street that you could not live on good morning we actually moved on to the street I know you all yeah it was called morning one every what we would have to say yeah morning what is one word not to you know yeah of course I mean what you got a bit committee does to approve the street I'm just thinking about all this I. cool right idea was that like nobody they just be wanting clever that's fair I think it's actually operate three I don't know what it is but after three or after a night's sleep but thanks for calling let's start here's Nina and witty or need to tell us dork she generation and luckily I've moved away the first thing I did was change my driver's license were you looking at really yeah referred to us at the door it's horrible George Street should matter when you're choosing a how we let it matter yeah I mean like your kids are going to grow up on the street yes are you the door about I would think that there is a committee that is in charge of like approving appropriate or inappropriate you know I guess someone might decide it dark with a good idea and guess what it was yeah I agree thanks for calling how about this Elizabeth in corona what what street sorry okay so three why wallow plane swallow lane is not a bird late there's no way that I'm any repeat it right after me I can do it when it's like in your head that's that's that that's like that breaking point you're like I can't go back from it I'm not going to ever be comfortable with it and you and I have what I we really like jury will does not do it for me or I would do if I found the house I loved I would move on to St no matter what it's called me to somewhere in not resting how about this one Carmen mission hills go ahead I yes we live on a street called what caught like double bass what about my I would like totally get embarrassed so I just started giving my parents address though because I couldn't do it yeah he's great well Sydney did the she's just like you she could not move into a home with a bad name as the street yeah I couldn't do it all right all right thanks for calling around back in sixty seconds your V. I. P.'s very important Pearson's Patty Paul Peyton Patrick and Parker that's a lot of Pearson's airing.

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