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Ruff is straight up. And, yes, Stransky is Pretty well straight up, too, and write the pitch. Look out way inside with the fastball. Lunging to his left to spear that one. Tyler Heinemann, the catcher, Kiki jumped away from it. The Giants get Sam Kun Rider right hander up in their bullpen now Baez has been throwing all through this inning. Right hander in the L, A bullpen. Two down runner at first Tutto, UN giants and another turn and throw to first. Bye. Garcia. Diving safely back is Kris Taylor again. Joshua Rico Garcia, although he goes by Rieko To a ST Louis High school in Honolulu. We have a lot of Giants fans over there on the islands. Now the scent pitch on the way. Swing and a miss. Came back with that changeup, and that was a good one. That was a good one, and that would have perfect location that was right down there. He's outside corner cannot throw about whether that Wow. I felt like I heard somebody Try to coach him there. There's a Giants fan down there, Ella here. Gonna see if he throws it again. Two balls. Two strikes to Kiki Hernandez, A J pollock object would be next. Giants.

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