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On satur- note did jeez. This is where the indian the wrestling world gets a little dim this week. Ladies and gentlemen as one of the main main topics of conversation this week was the announcement that synergy pro wrestling founder colin west. Who is known as patrick shea has officially been outed as a convicted child molester and synergy pro wrestling is practically done i w. Tv has also announced that there will be no longer working with synergy pro wrestling and This is this news actually came today. You know It was announced that khan was was outed as a convicted child molester in nineteen ninety nine. He was arrested for aggravated criminal. Sexual contact in nineteen thousand nine the record state that he was convicted of sexually assaulting three acquaintances between the ages of six and ten and a separate case. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a twelve year old male. Now wow All the workers who worked for that company are on our disgusted. They're actually heartbroken because people actually liked this guy and there's a lot of sad sad faces a lot of sad wrestlers and workers in the wrestling world right now. Who are looking at this as as a really bad day in pro wrestling. Because like i'm i'm i'm going on twitter and every single tweet is about this topic. Every tweet is about about saying how how colin was a great guy. How could this. How could this be. I'm i'm shocked. But i'm not shocked like this is happening. The i'm more shocked at like. No one had an idea that this was a fucking remembered that arrest are public record so you could always do your research if you wanted to but i what other. Because he was loved he would love this. Because you getting booked anyway right. All it is about you getting booked and you don't really do the research about Who's booking you all is like. Do they pay here. we go. that's what it is you don't you don't and that's the only thing that i say about this whole stories that i'm hoping that the rest is don't get penalized because of the they're frightening. There's they're frightened on tour too frightened. They're like please. Don't associate myself with anything with this. Man is about them getting booked unless you knew that does do a scumbag day. A shocked a lot of people fucking unless he knew that these individuals scumbags the Can i i. I can't even can't even say individuals because i've had conversations with wrestlers who knew about certain promoters and they were like i don't fuck with them because it is and we never shared it on show because it was a we you know they were. It was told to us Undisclosed we couldn't share. That was very off the mike and but they told us i. I don't fuck with this. I was like why didn't know that great..

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