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We continue to watch the hurricane on the east coast things a little quieter around here. And Seth Wayne's tracking. Today's weather still dealing with a mix of sun and clouds along with those scattered showers and some of those showers could be a thunderstorm or two rolling three year neighborhood. That means some small hail a roll of thunder not out of the question. Highs in the mid to upper sixties today look at the chance of some scattered showers, though, at least as we run up the workweek could have rain coming back at us on Saturday. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center, mostly cloudy. A few sunbreaks in downtown Seattle now in sixty one KOMO news time, twelve oh. Five flying into the path of hurricane Florence. You may be able to change your flight without a charge delta American United southwest, Alaska, all waiving fees and differences and fares to change your flight. Of course, check with your airline before that flight. The port of Seattle is. Approve spending three hundred twenty five thousand dollars to investigate last month's theft, and crash of a horizon aircraft airline officials say the empty plane was stolen by horizon. Ground crew member Richard Russell from seatac on August tenth after staying in flight and performing stunts for more than an hour. The plane crashed on an island in Puget Sound Russell the only casualty the Tacoma news Tribune reports the results of that investigation. The recommendations are expected in December some new recordings obtained by the Seattle times reveal suspicions about an airline worker a year before he stole that airplane and crash it on catcher on island after being congratulated for his final barrel. Roll on board that horizon Q four hundred we got a glimpse of Richard Russell's state of mind. I don't know. I don't want to open. But apparently there were clues a year before last month's highs in the days following the heist and crash pilot. Joel Monte felt the need to make a report communications. How may I help you? Mine is full Monty. The fifty five year old from Tacoma has thirty years of piloting experience information. Jackie house. You see Joel Monte th new Richard Russell. Okay. In my cockpit. You know? At least one occasion. To watch me do less slows. Preflight preparation if that were the only incident. On another occasion. Confronted unoccupied airplanes. Another guy in the cockpit with him. And they were. Maybe switches and whatnot and the airplane. He says these guys just shouldn't have been there. Confronted them. At that time they were like just talking about how to turn on the year. They could tow the airplane. I thought it was unusual and. I really didn't have a point. You know? I mean, I I don't know what their procedures are whatever Montes told the times he not only gave this information to a dispatcher, but he also told his employer about his run ins with Russell on tape. We hear the dispatcher tell them someone may follow up, but to date Monte says he's received no call from investigators from any jurisdiction about his statement. I don't think it's a guy like this. Came up with like overnight. Maybe. Doing this for a long time. And then. Jamie hundred. Airplane of opportunity. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. The co chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is using her influence to improve diversity in computer sciences. We have more on the story from komo's Gregg Hersholt. The college board estimates only twenty three percent of those who take advanced placement computer science classes in high school or female women receive just nineteen percent of bachelor's degrees in computer sciences and the represent eleven percent of senior leadership roles in tech companies. Melinda gates started an independent organization called pivotal ventures three years ago to address the issue in the next step is a new coordinated effort among twelve tech companies the goal to double the number of women of color graduating with computer science degrees by twenty twenty-five among those represented or Microsoft Intel linked in and adobe. Melinda gates told geekwire that when she worked for Microsoft earlier in her life. She often experienced what it felt like to be the only woman in the room, and she almost quit because she didn't fit in Gregg Hersholt, KOMO news. Well, higher the number of bills prompting an audit from Seattle city light. Seattle. Time supports a council member. Teresa Mesquita has ordered city auditor David Jones to spend the next night ten months looking at the policies and procedures city. Lighthouse to issue these higher bills. It says after they estimate your power use due to not being able to read a meter when the meter finally gets read in many cases, the earlier estimate didn't even come close resulting in that higher Bill to make up. The difference is twelve ten time for komo's sports the dogs kicking off their conference schedule this weekend. Tom hutler has more from the sports desk. Huskies their second tough road game of the year Saturday, they had to Salt Lake City for a match up with Utah as the dodge open Pac twelve play one of the top defenses in the country. But the huskies pretty proud of their defense as well outside linebacker. Ryan Bowman knows the huskies are one of those teams. Everybody wants to knock off.

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