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To add more things, but that'll be a fun weekend next year, you know, Thanksgiving weekend Get some hoops Getsem football. On. I'm sure you know. Look, it works out perfect for Georgia State fans, you know, taking a whole weekend of state sports. Right. CBS Sports has got their coaching hot seat list. That, uh, that is put out, okay. And they rank he's on a number system. So If you get a five rating, it's winter be fired. Four is start improving now down to zero, which is untouchable, Okay? So they're fives. They've got Chip Kelly Scott Frost that Nebraska Randy Edsall, a Yukon Derrick Mason at Vanderbilt. Love surprised truthfully, I'm surprised they brought Face it back for one more year. I'm honestly surprised. He got one more season to be ableto try to turn things around there because they were bad. They they were. They were a bad football team. So the other guy on this list too? Of course. No surprise is clay help? Foresees the head coach of the Southern Cal fighting Wendy Lauren and Alexis. Um Let's see. Ratings of four He's got some big names on. They got big names on here, Kevin someone Tom Herman will must hand I wonder about Will Must Champ is, Is he Mork closer to He's gotta win. Now that part about this is.

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