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They call it, C., s fifty. The, entire courses on there, including course wear coursework quiz is. If you can get through CS fifty, and it's fast. It's for Harvard Freshman, but if you can get through that, you'll have a much better idea of what you like and what you WanNa do. I just I think. For, now it's hard. It's it moves very festive advantages. You're watching on video. You can pause it. You could think about it. Maybe find some other people who are doing to. That's one of the great things about eds. They have forums associated with each class so a few. There's a concept you go I. Don't know what they're plenty of people. Usually maybe many thousands of people in there that you could say I don't get it to teaching assistants or in there as well. So and it's free. You pay for if you want a certificate, the certificate meaningless. you might eventually want the certificate because. You could then use it to get a job. Perhaps, but that's where I would start. That'll give you a broad overview of the computer of computer science. Okay and then you get a sense of what your interested in there's lots more places to go, but the beauty of this you can sit down right now this minute soon as you get off the phone and watch that on your TV. And Or your web on your laptop on the website, and and that's really great. Harvard's see s fifty. don't be intimidated because it does move quick. It's for really bright. You know college freshmen, but it doesn't assume any knowledge. Okay, and then, and then after that. If you say I'd like to get into it, for instance, there are plenty of places we are sponsor it. Pro Dot TV has very affordable memberships that you can watch all. They have all the certificates, so you could get a certificate. Get a job and they also do career guidance, so you could say well. I like this. I like that I WANNA do security. I WanNa do I like machines. I WANNA learn that you know what Chris Marquardt worst used to work at HP. You've been a while. Hasn't it Chris? But, What would you say if somebody smart guy looking do a new career? It was fun. Working in computers wasn't and he's be come top, but. Oh Yeah It was fun, and it taught me a lot about the business world and about project management, and all these skills I can now use for. For what did you study computer science in school? Is that how you got to do it? No no I, think I. Know I know you didn't I know you? Didn't how about you Chris? I I did, but I but I flunked out before I. got my so there you go there, you go craig. Chris flunked out. But he's still got a job at HP doing it more. That may be changing, but almost everybody I know in technology. Didn't I didn't make it through. College didn't make it through. College dropped out including Bill Gates Steve Jobs. This is the this was the norm that yeah..

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