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Marie Presley is talking publicly for the first time about her addiction to opioids and painkillers this in a forward, she wrote for the book called the United States of opioids a prescription for liberating nation in pain. She made it clear that she's grateful to be alive today and start she says that it started while recovering after the two thousand eight birth of her daughters, when the doctor prescribed, Lisa Marie, opioids for pain. And while Presley tried to keep this private much of it was revealed with divorce filings, dissolving her marriage from musician, Michael Lockwood. She did speak about her addiction. Less August on the today show but was not going into specifics at the time. So she was addicted to opioids. Yes. And she is revealing this forward for this new book called the United States of opioids while there's a lot of stuff going on. How okay. Yes. And Chris Hemsworth is taking the rest of the year off after going through a particularly busy period with the filming of Thor ragnarok, followed by vendors 0, war vendors endgame, men, in black international. Hemsworth schedule is clear and he says he plans on taking advantage of that, to reconnect with his family Hemsworth, also says he's at a point in his career. Now we've he could be more selective with what projects he signs onto, and he has more confidence to say, no. Yes. Good. He's so beautiful sugar his and another classic sitcom is eyeing a return with its original star. This would be punky Brewster because people love punky Brewster and original Dr Soleil, moon Frye is set to reprise her role as punky, and this would be following an adult punky, who was a single mom raising three kids jets young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self greet idea that was on for four years. It was such a hole, actually two years. Eighty four to eighty six syndication for two years. I mean, I don't even know what this is about. Oh, it super fun. I remember my older sister had punky Brewster high Thompson. I thought she was so cool. All right. Well, that's all.

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