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Because this actually will good menu YM interested. If the pats were to advance tilling humvees ninth Super Bowl. I believe it is would you host? I think Rick would host these think so. Yep. But you attack him on the menu. But then put you know, Rick's gonna he's gonna wanna attic a lentil soup to the menu already. He already called me about Sunday. And he wants to do like a he wants to do like an egg drop SU he wants to where does this soup fixation like a stretch. Egg drops. I love RIC. I heard the AL C or whatever it's called. Yeah. AFC championship AFC. Okay. Okay. That's just wrong. Egg drops your soup a Meghan pizza this Sunday. Okay. You wanna come over trial run? I'm unfortunately when to be Italy on Sunday. Have to go milk in buffalo to make buffalo milk cheese for an upcoming project of a top secret, the viewers slash people might find out about in February. Oh, yeah. They might and. Yeah, we're just going to go. Check out some Buffalo's. I was hoping you Nando would come over. Thank you so much. I wish I'm sorry. We can't make it a good excuse though. Yeah. All the reasons. Carla Turkey, Rome Italy. He just he just actually didn't was I in town for Thanksgiving Day after thanksgiving other plans. No, he didn't. Nope. Someone didn't feel great. So then everyone had is that I don't like that. Anyway. All right. Okay. So I should not have deferred the kick. But I did so. But here, I am ready home, Adam. So. Carla you made grapefruit soda Palomas. Yeah. I'm setting out a Paloma bar. Oh, okay. Okay. Bar first of all this time of year. It's february. What's what's most in-season right now in February tropical fruit citrus? You go get the juiciest sweetest grapefruits at the market. I will hack those up. I will do some off a whole pitcher beautiful break pink grapefruit juice fresh from the market to that. Based on the menu based on the recipe at.

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