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Going forward after this next spiderman. No way home movie When when tom hollins contract is under the sony umbrella it'd be that they split him off into his own reality and it's like it's vitamin go is often his own thing. He's contractually obligated to only interact with these characters. Yeah he's he's on. He's on his off with tom. Hardy now yes yeah all right. That does it for the show dan. I wanna thank you so much for jumping on this week. Working people find more of your work and un's coverage any things you wanna give a shout out to john dot com where most of my stuff lives isn't just a random tweet That's that's the that's what you look for you awesome and hopefully Jeremy will be back next week. to regales tales tales from galaxy's edge from batu because Last we heard he was able to get boarded. Was he did. He did secure a boarding pass on rise of the resistance. I can't wait to get his feedback as well as his his His road trip adventures in his new. Ev all right So as you'll find our content on tested dot com and Thank you so much for listening Ah play in altro just over some of this some of this video so we don't need to listen to it now but thank you. Dan thanks to shore and we will see you next week. I didn't see her all right. There's one existential question. That's been on my mind for decades and it's really one that i think most people about and it's it's really why do forces only have one toe. Why would they have developed one out of that. Evolution doesn't be like. I don't like that to- yet that here god wanted it..

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