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Members of his own advance team including two secret service agents tested positive for coke would nineteen ahead of his comeback rally A. B. C.'s Rachel Scott latest traffic and weather together back up continues on both sides of seventy one seventy five in northern Kentucky after three separate accidents in the same area near Kyle's lanes logo north and south bound seventy one seventy five in northern Kentucky exiles late November use forecasts from the advanced dentistry weather center from social distancing in pre screening patients to appropriate PP our focus remains on safety learn more at no fear dentist dot com slash patient safety overnight showers and storms will diminish and we'll see some patches of fog by daybreak the low sixty eight mostly cloudy your Monday starts off with some clouds but we do get into sunshine during the afternoon that's what we expect see a few more scattered showers and isolated storms it will be a high of eighty five and a partly sunny skies from your severe weather station I'm not a first warning meteorologist sherry Hughes news radio seven hundred WLW still some scattered rain seventy degrees and news a service of progressive insurance a shooting at a nearby park leaves one person injured Cincinnati police say the shooting happened about four in the morning Saturday in Smale park at Joe Nuxhall way and Mehring way Jeremiah Hamilton who is twenty three years old was shot in the abdomen he managed to walk for a little bit but then collapsed and was found on the sidewalk by somebody passing by police found shell casings from Smale park but report no suspects yet Hamilton survived the shooting his injuries are not life threatening I net Reese news radio seven hundred WLW so you're ready to get back to kings island for the re opening of the park K. I. releasing new information you need to know before heading to the park ahead of opening in July kings island has released a welcome.

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