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Daring. We'll see the extent of Fritz's protection under the law in a moment. Greg have you ever had an alien encounter? No. But I kind of wish I have why do you say that because the existence of extraterrestrial life has captured our collective imaginations for generations, those who claim to have had encounters certainly believe what they saw even if they have no proof. That's why the parkas network is exploring these stories and the new show extraterrestrial they'll analyze possible scientific explanations and determine what really may have happened. You can listen to the first associate on the nineteen sixty one Duchesne of Barney and Betty hill right now, new episodes of extraterrestrial come out every Tuesday look for upcoming episode spotlighting, rip tilles humanoids and the nineteen seventy seven you Afo invasion in Fort Benning, Georgia be sure to search for and subscribe to extra terrestrial wherever you listen to podcasts, and please don't forget to rate and review. Now back to the story. In September nineteen eighteen thirty nine year old Fritz Harmon met seventeen year old freetyle rota in a cafe rota had run away from home and needed a place to stay Fritz Harmon using a false name told rota he was a detective and offered to help for. It's always assumed positions of authority when lying like this. After meeting at the cafe wrote to introduce Fritz to school friends for its Harmon gave the boys presence and took them into the woods where he seduced them. Several times afterward Fritz took rota back to his apartment where the two smoked and as Roma would later tell us friends had fun a few days after Fritz met rota Fritz took him to his small grimy apartment. Once again, the pair smoked and chatted as they had done several times before but as the night went on Fritz grew more aggressive. He began touching rota and attempting to seduce him the rota and Fritz had had sex before something made rota uncomfortable on this night. He spurned for its Harman's advances. That's when Fritz became angry. He grabbed rota held him down and forcibly sodomized him. Then in the midst of the rape. He bared his teeth like a rabid animal Fritz bit down on wrote his throat and r-. Ripped through his Adam's apple rota bled out and because of the damage to his windpipe died of his fixation. Fritz Harmon later claimed that the act of sexually assaulting rota produced a murderous urgent him that he had never felt before he described as sudden uncontrollable desire to bite through wrote his throat. It's possible. He was telling the truth erotic, Fono files or lust murderers are defined as individuals who get an intense sexual satisfaction. From killing these individuals could be overcome with the urge to kill during a sexual act. According to research by Dr are p Britain, these killers are typically timid and introverted people who then unleash during sex Fritz Harmon was usually characterized as timid police describe how he fidgeted constantly pulling his fingernails and running his hands through his hair, his soft voice. And sometimes childlike tendency to court sympathy gave observers the impression he cr-. Saved attention but struggled to relax in the presence of others. Other studies described sexual sadists as having intense desires, which they worked to repress. Dr p e Dietz has published a paper examining thirty sexual sadists of those examined forty three percent identified as gay and twenty percent reported dressing in women's clothing. We know it's Harmon was abused by his father for exhibiting feminine tendencies, it's possible after such severe and continuing mistreatment his repressed desires made him unable to control himself during sex in stark contrast to the tightly controlled and meek behavior, he showed when interacting with authorities this fits with contemporary descriptions of Harmon, but it doesn't fully explain the depravity of Fritz's later actions. Thirty nine year old Fritz Harman stood over the corpse of Friedel rota, though, it was the middle of the night, and he was exhausted. He didn't alone self any rest. East? He drank a strong Cup of black coffee. Cupboard wrote his face with a cloth and cut him open using litany of knives. Buckets and rags he carefully removed wrote his flesh decapitated, the body and broke the bones. When he was done Harmon stashed pieces of wrote his body and a suitcase and made nightly trips to the stock ner cemetery over the next few weeks. He buried parts of rota keeping the remaining parts hidden behind his stove rotas was the only body for its Harmon is known to have buried during his later confession Harmon reported he was sick for eight days. Following a road is murder. The sickness prevented him from disposing of wrote his body as quickly as he wanted to according to him. It was the dismemberment and not the murder itself. That disgusted him after Friedel rota been missing for a couple of days. His France reported missing.

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