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How are you glad and go things you don't you? Don't get obsessed. I just got root Canal Martin. I'm cool with anything and I don't care what drugs you want. I didn't they give you before you left the Dennis but there is has no pain with the root canal right not now. Yeah now the seven days before pain I just can't I got so upset like I kinda it got sort of like. Who the hell this figured that out like? It's like it's almost like making jewelry that they would know that. Yeah and they're scraping out these nerve canal. Yeah Yeah it's it's amazing only to fill them up to make a post for a fake to as opposed to bolt one into your head. It's amazing it really is. Yeah all right so all right. So you're done but like Don don now is it in syndication. I mean I don't I don't it really means nowaday technically yes. Yeah yes technically. Yes so that's nice because you've done enough episodes to where like even if you don't work for year you're probably making enough residual money to keep your health you train. I'm not gonNA work for the next. I'm just no no I'm saying that. Ah so you've influenced me. I'm just I'm just saying you won't have to go back home at this point. Yeah no you're right you're right it's I it's it's incredible you're vested in In the in the Union I usually as I get older. I think about health insurance. I'm not count if you worker for year long as you can keep the insurance. That's it that's it I mean During said during the seven days of extreme pain At one of the days I was in so much pain my my Wife was like why. Don't you just go to urgent care. You know good and right uh but I I because of all those years of being bro Yeah and not having health insurance and I had just had it stuck in my head that I will never go to a doctor. I don't care what's happening right. I will not go to a doctor. Can't be saddled with bill right now and it's just kind of stayed with me. I didn't even think think of it as an option it's it's it's sort of terrifying and and it's a weird scramble but you realize that like so many people don't do that's why so many people get sick. Yeah they're afraid go the doctor. They'll bankrupt. It'll bankrupt country we live. And but but what are you thinking about doing. Are you thinking about writing more. Do you WanNa yeah for sure for branch out. Do you want direct things. Yes for sure actually directed the series finale of our show. Oh you did. Yeah I did and that was really fun. Were you were were you in it though to to Kinda tricky right was a little tricky. It was it was a little tricky but had been on the show for six years right at that point and you take a Lotta help hell. Yeah it's a nice way to enter the guilt. Yes on the best way to sort of get the one under the belt war shore for like you don't really feel like you really no no because it's a show jumping out in front of the camera every five minutes. Play back in the show that ah been around for a while and sound sil- right now and you know everybody on the set at that point knows what to do. You didn't need to be tour you weren't you weren't breaking any rules. Rules are pushing the envelope. No was not doing any single shot sequences to be in the guilt. Your Yeah Yeah. We're ready to go for sure. That's something I I love to do and are you writing now. Writing now started started this production company. We gotTA deal over at Twentieth Twentieth with two friends from my on the Greenwich Yeah. It's crazy it's crazy and their writers or one of them's a ride or one of them had come. I'm an executive producer. And so he's working with the production of us. Yeah that's your production company. Yeah we're like we wanted to sell Asian American stories. Uh who who wants to give us a deal right and we got a lot of offers and I was like. I can't believe this that we're getting offers to tell these stories in college. You know. It's amazing amazing. It's your Jackley what you set out to do. Yeah Yeah it is amazing and it honors your your intellectual sort of ambition. Yeah now you are sort of a professor and I'm working with for that's interesting that you know that what you're able to teach in light of what you wanted to teach you probably have a much broader and and bigger audience to do it now. Yeah Yeah and it's I'm having more fun. Yeah and doing it with friends. Hand was always the goal. What are some of the first projects you you got anything on the on the docket or nothing just started started? Yeah well that's exciting. Are you taking submissions. And that kind of doing all that and try because you know because because I right and and we have another writer in our in our little group that You know we're kind of creating stuff in house and just try and got offices on the lot. Yeah Yeah Yeah Super Cool. That's big time. So you're down. You're down by where you grew up. Yeah right where I grew up. You can go right to factors a couple of times me right down the block. Yeah yeah do that. I knew that I'll cruise over the fact is does your folks eleven the area. Yeah they're right there same house. No we're up in your office down the street right down the street. I little league across the street from Fox. That's hilarious. Yeah Yeah it's it's all very the real. Have lunch with your mom. Yeah all that yeah. It's really nice well. Congratulations thanks mark. It's great talking to you. Great talking to you too. Glad I got you on the Nice Russia on the upswing with the two best day ever.

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