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Cody rhodes comes out in the middle. Yes this little platform raises up. He doesn't come out from any of those specified tunnels and last night. Just like at the arthur ash show. He comes out in. The middle are anderson comes out from the baby. Face tunnel comes out of the. He'll tunnel his wife brandy roads. These are no mistake. This is what's fascinating to me. Is that you there. There are people arguing out there in on the internet. That cody rhodes clueless and doesn't understand what's going on. In regards to how people are reacting to him in regards to how you know how he should be acting and that boggles my mind a guy who is self aware enough of what he's doing in wrestling to say i am coming out through the middle. If he is getting boos or cheers doesn't matter it doesn't matter he's getting reactions. Do you think it was a mistake for malachi black to get cheered. I think it was. I think cody understands fully the type of reputation that he's developing with a certain core of fans who are quite vocal in expressing their displeasure at the presence of cody. Rhodes doing cody rhodes things whereas if you take it objectively and you take a step. Back cody rhodes has done more for the company has put over more stars in a w than anyone else. He has created new guys. I know i'm a broken record at this point. But i'm gonna keep hammering this home because people who think that that they don't know that he doesn't know what he's doing that he's not tapped into the business is weird. Because i've noticed these are the same or close to the same people right. Who used to say cody has his finger on the pulse of the business. He knows he knows what the fans want. He knows what what makes them tick on the independent circuit. He knows what and now suddenly he doesn't get it because you don't like cody because there's areas of his personality that maybe irk you the wrong way. Which is my case..

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