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Elite. Frankly, that's motivating me even more. From Election Day. Four years ago, the mainstream media originating on a Manhattan and here in Washington, D. C. They have thrown off the shackles of pretend objectivity. They have re envisioned their role in the American political conversation from The New York Times, The Washington Post to the network news rooms to MSNBC and the once Believe it or not respected CNN. As I heard from a caller on Chris plant a couple of weeks ago, the fourth estate has revealed itself as 1/5 column. Well, said person whose name I can't remember. They stopped pretending to report the facts. They've become the voice of the resistance they've aligned. Their resource is their talents and whatever influence they've got left for one objection, and that's to end the Trump presidency. They try to undermine his inauguration. By publishing the steel dossier days before he was sworn in the narrative to the American people just moments before a new president took office was this guy is a traitor and a puppet. Over the Russian government. It was a complete lie, and it was incredibly destructive, but the damage was done. It led to anonymous leaks that suggested Trump was trying to stop an investigation into his campaign. He wasn't he fired James Comey for lying to him and deceiving him about the investigation that Barack Obama had initiated. James Comey was loyal to the past president. Not the current president. That's not how it works In the we keep hearing about the peaceful transition of power. James Comey never respected a peaceful transition of power because he was still carrying out the orders of the last president. So then the media screamed for a special counsel, and they got it. In the investigation, dragged out for over two years produced no evidence of any criminal conspiracy whatsoever between the Trump campaign and Putin. It doesn't matter Half the country still believes it's true because of the deceptions of the mainstream media. It led to an impeachment of President Trump over a stunt, a media stunt orchestrated by Adam Schiff and an anonymous still anonymous CIA operative. Think about that. An anonymous CIA operative began the process of removing the president United States because he leaked Partial information fabricated information. In fact, he completely mischaracterized. The conversation, a confidential phone call between the president and a foreign leader when an anonymous CIA operative Can mischaracterize a confidential phone call between the president, United States and a foreign leader and that leads to a full blown impeachment and that person's name is still protected because of the media. We've got a serious problem and we got to change it in this country. And you agree with me. I know you do. That's okay. This is where our boat comes in tomorrow. We're talking about a complete and total propaganda machine and it is this close to actually succeeding what they tried four years ago and what they've been trying to do. It's this close to finally ending the Trump presidency, and that's where we all come in. If you still can't find a reason to vote for Trump, because you don't like his tweets or some of the foul language he uses or his behaviour at the debate or his hairstyle or whatever it is, you don't like being grouped with the red hat crowd in their pickups and their trump flags. Okay, fine. There's nothing wrong with being more motivated to vote against someone or something. If you can't bring yourself to vote for a candidate, So here's what you gotta do vote against the media. Send the media a message. Tell him you will not be manipulated. You won't be dictated to you won't be patronised won't be condescended to and you won't be taken for granted. If you think our elite mainstream media needs riel and revolutionary reform, if you think they need to change the way they go about reporting on American politics, the best way to make that happen is to prove them all. The duplicitous lying fools. That they are And that's voting for Trump. You will save the country will revitalize the American media, which we truly do need in this country for the force to met First Amendment to survive and you will be voting against these elitists in Manhattan in D. C. Who look down on you and who think You are ignorant. And if anything, it will make for a very entertaining Tuesday evening on television and let's face it. We could use that right now. My final reason for voting for President Trump four years ago that I delivered to you. Was that it would make everyone in the media's heads explode. That stays the same this time around, and then some. You want to be on the side of those who want to be on the side of George Stephanopoulos. You want to be on the side of Jim Acosta. You want to be on the side of Don lemon. You want to stand shoulder to shoulder with those people? Because that's what you'd be doing if you voted for Joe Biden, or if he didn't vote or if you sat it out, or if you voted for, you know a libertarian or you wrote in the name of Ronald Reagan. Don't do that. I know it's motivating to vote against someone. So so here Here's your motivated innovation vote against the mainstream media. Who hate you so much. Send them a message. So how about you? Are you voting for the president? Are you voting against? Biden. 6 30 out. David Prince William County, Dave, You're first up here on W m A l. A Larry. Thanks for taking the call. Yes, sir. Ah! I've got to save it to them before I voted for Bush that was first presidential election was able to voting since then. I've been voting against the other candidate. Yeah, In 2016. It was I voted for Trump. But just because I could not stand Hillary, right, right this kind now that seeing him in San help. Great. The country has changed even in spite of the pandemic. It is fantastic to see. And I am finally voting for candidate again. Yeah, so like, for instance, in 2012, you weren't enthusiastic about Mitt Romney. You were voting against Barack Obama. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you now don't I get that? I do so it feels good, doesn't it? It does. It finally is, like a purpose. Finally, eh? Sorry. I'm Going for not because the lesser of two evils, but right, actually, even it and I actually see it so You know, the economy has been phenomenal over the last A couple of years, Even with the pandemic, you know, the rebound has been strong from what I've seen. Yeah, No, Absolutely. We talked about that with Monica Crowley last week. It is. It is the quintessential V shaped recovery. All right, Dave, we'll leave it there. And the only way that recovery continues is if you stay on this track, all right. How about Richard and Bristowe? Go ahead. Richard. You're next up on Anyway, Thanks for taking my call. So I unequivocably wholeheartedly endorsed President Trump this time around. I voted for in weeks ago, But I also voted against the liberal establishment, the ones that every American conservative or Republican. Or not going about the Democrat line. They call us chumps. Joe Biden called the people exercising their first Amendment rights off their hordes at his rally or gathering. I guess it was a coffee class or something. Yeah, attendants showed up. Call them chops. You called that one guy that the Democrats and salt the average American. Trump on ly insult other politicians. He never insult the No. Yeah, he doesn't insult the voters property from the Democrats. Yet. Richard is a great point. Your phone dropped out, and I've got to leave it there for you. You do make a great point. It's funny. It goes all the way back to. Frankly, John McCain. You know the infamous thing that Trump said about John McCain that so many people found objectionable and I understood why this objectionable But remember, he was responding to the fact not the fact that John McCain had criticized Donald Trump it. John McCain had criticized the people the voters who came out Trumps rally and it goes all the way up to Hillary calling you deplorable and Joe Biden calling you bad people and chumps. They always end up insulting you, The voter, you the people, we the people. If Trump is insulting and abrasive, it's always against a politician. Or a media figure..

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