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Usually it's cock rock Monday. It's cock rock Friday why it's been a long time since the fat tip Friday on a Friday fat hit Friday. Yeah why dig. This is why this is why I always tell people i. I had dinner with very sophisticated people last night and they were like your podcast. Go for you not for you. Not View amazing artists otherwise this asset management guy family friends mazing about my mom calls me up. She goes Can you send me a picture of the Baby Boston Chubby. I post it. She Bring Up Gentlemen Scrim. My mom just responded thick side call. Jeez moms so cute dog kiss him right now. uh-huh ridiculous Gillian thick just thick. But how about my mom mom. She was oh nothing. She's a cock rock Thursday eh. Really odd bless you. You just can't I bless you can't do that. Can you please not do that. Oh my God it's ridiculous. It gives them over the holidays. Do when we saw each other. We talk a lot on the Ohio but it's been a while. Holidays were interesting. Holidays are always fun. Spend a lot of time with my kids. It's all good. Would I was in Utah with my parents late all good yup. Yup didn't do any skiing. Don't ski but the kids do not for me. Skiing are boy. Todd I broke his femur skiing. He broke his Tibia. Not they'll front Well that's not good at all. He's in some shit. Yeah a guy was killed on the slopes the twenty year old terrible come down hit. A tree happens every Bob Sunny every fucking somebody does your skin but overall slow crowded but but what else nothing nothing. I was so sick you were sick. I didn't have the flu live the cold. I'd like pneumonia hit me. That's not like you to talk about a lot of pain. You'll never tell anybody because what's to be done when when's last time I had told her can do. A show was the last time I didn't do a show never and I was like I'm telling you I can't come in. I can't that's right. You could he couldn't do the. That's why we're like we're gonNA take a short break anyways but we never take this long break right. I physically couldn't do the podcast. How might like I couldn't my chest at so much inflammation in my throat was has gone it was it was insane When I was in Boston had a great show Wilbur that I'm with my boy mullick feature amasi MRI fucking hilarious There's this last weekend this is this is This Friday this past New Year's eve new years confusing so so my my boy Brian Cooley. WHO has a traditional school in In Nashville he's six six and he was arranger before for this. He's a big guy who's a competitive e competes but he's just a giant Viking man. I'm with I'm with. I'm with Brian Cooley. He flew up the yeah. He thought there with his wife. acknowle Oscar good friends real whiskey guy. Okay we all fucking whiskey. I next time you judge of that so I got Brian there. I got molly who came out of WHO. There's been boxing. Since he was seven came out floyd mayweather. It's camp does allow you know. And then I got lex Friedman who does Rogan. He's the guy that does the deals with robotics and the Tesla's Elon Elon Musk. He's the MIT judo. Nj to Okay and then my boy Rob Bradley. WHO's a black belt in Jujitsu as well? So I'm I'm Roland Colin Kinda deep with some big fellows. Rob's beg six meet. Let me just like the nerdy version of a minority on the nerdy version correct. Yeah now my oh boy. Most cut his beautiful Ethiopian girl. Okay yeah chocolate drew my other boy. Justin Scott his era trian girl. Eritrea's the country that's above Ethiopia. They're beautiful women in that part of she's not there both black. Thank you thank you. Because as his molecule just so so now now we're dancing immune molecules. We're having a dance off right at the bar at this club near the. W what being silly wish you weren't dancing. Look I'm the old guy having a dance of a mall joking around but we're having a fucking silly tom just to the show. I'm just having a good time and idiot. Now this is going to you. Fighting gets better as outfight. You should now. I'm noticing that this guy these these men who Iraq you know how I can pick out nationalities right away. uh-huh yeah I've ever seen but there are. There are four African gentleman and I happen to clock go. Those guys are clearly from Ethiopia and the student you Dan yeah well. They're now. Remember my boys with an Ethiopian Gal. Who one of them's drunk? And he starts walking up to the girls that were with and they're getting kind of the one guy getting Kinda grabby. Now hold on yes. I'm paint this now. You don't me now. I know you behold on these Ethiopian mental. I think give your opinions. Yeah because I come from up Ethiopian small and skinny. That's right Brennan okay. That's right Brennan. It's five seven seven to a man. Now they're beautiful people remember of course Gorgeous Mall. They're typically not giant. They're not shying no they tend to be slight there there. You go there small knocking out. Let's I'm treading lightly here. They also the same or maybe even get confused with Somalia Malia pirates where I'm the captain now okay so that would be Somalia which is next to Ethiopia very modern culture okay. Muslims Coptic Christian. I'm saying do they look similar Yes no east African. It's very very diverse. Racial Russian in like not so much. He's got really different different looking for the side try. I'm just glad but but if you look at that smaller a very Ethiopia's Mary fine features and small there you go. That's a classic example. Usually very could looking people known for their look. Okay now these guys. Because they've been Americanized well little heavy and not so good looking and kind of Shitty shitty and general now. Here's while now. I'm rolling with skinny fat build Ethiopian. Yeah and I'm wrong. I'm wrong with some American black guys who aren't hearing peop- no and athletic asses. Yeah we're talking about the other side of Africa by the way Probably ancestrally West African which is different thing and now I got giant Viking White Guy I got I got Russian guy. He's got big Irish guy. My Buddy these are American okay you understand although XS Russian so so now oh you know pry bryce insecure and get super hot headed creation the smallest laws and the less skilled correct right. I'm glad you said it. Who'd WHO's the first guy to fight? Bellevue right. The Chihuahua Most Wawa most insecure so old scalawags to our ricky. By the way my name is Rick so so thank you very much so I man right everywhere I go thanks. I'm getting screened at whole foods. For God's sake in fucking Utah get to park. I'm like walking says I'm like Oh Jesus Christ Senate has and I'm walking. I hear about the counter. That's my name so so reads the show our starts to bark so I I like words. I like nobody knows how to use word. So this guy is now all of a sudden Stops and this guy looks right at my mom and goes. Hey that's our system and that's our sister. You shouldn't be with our sister. Oh and I go. What and he goes man? Shut up you know what the fuck is going on. I go I go I go fuck you talk now now. And now they're they're posturing now molly molly literally you could be. It was a monster. He doesn't give a fuck he's like he's literally. He's already diffused three five he could give a fuck. He's so such a goofball he's not even noticing the areas Mary's Hilarious I look at them lifting weights. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA fuck him for that. He so by the way one of us a silly gut's all lives only to be a silly girl. Okay so now he's not even he's not giving them anything and I'm like what the fuck. That's what the fuck you doing Eric but he. He doesn't shit these Brian Brian. This is how Brian Kel it diffuses down. We went on the captain. Now I didn't say share Ryan I would have said coolly goes like this he goes. Hey Bro you know jaws and what jaws the movie you know. Jaw accents accidents. But they spoke very guy goes. Yeah and he goes. You're the girl enjoy swimming in the water they.

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