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Five five fifty seven creek before this offer is gone great to have you with us on this Tuesday afternoon to forty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks in early for the belt way on the American Legion bridge the crash is blocking the center of the highway Montgomery County fire rescue arrive about ten minutes ago Virginia department transportation was trying their best to look at it using their cameras but they're out of you merrily part of transportation not sure if they're even aware they are aware of the crash on the inner loop between New Hampshire Avenue and I ninety five and the highway help truck is along with the trooper ushered everyone on to the right shoulder all lanes are now open by it is still heavy and slow from Connecticut Avenue in Georgia Avenue at least the lanes are open eastbound on four ninety five the outer loop lane should be opening after George Avenue with the work zone having blocked the right lane to the midday hours works on on the legion bridge on the outer loop did clear and the crash happened on the outer loop two seventy is off to a good start from rock feel toward Frederick ninety five Baltimore Washington parkway nothing working between the belt ways as volume fills in Silver Spring East West highway grub road traffic signals flashing police were on scene directing route fifty New York Avenue out down South Dakota Avenue still slow but crashes on the right shoulder after the Anacostia river without further delay into Maryland her prince Georges St and Randall counties the work sounds on route four southbound Suitland parkway on route five south bound Brandywine road are both clear in Virginia on three ninety five ninety five south bound getting a little heavier now your landmark in also under the aka quand sixty six westbound some slowing off the bill way toward nightly street and again behind fair lakes but in general delays have been brief any works on should be a process of picking up at the travel lanes Dave told on WTOP traffic's going Amelia draper stormteam for which got force this afternoon well shown a few sprinkles and light showers moving through parts of the area right now and tracking some rain into parts of northwest northeast.

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