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Evening. I'm Larry Sharoni. Here's what's happening. A bay area man is one of the four members of an alleged. Hey group who've been arrested in connection with the Charlottesville Virginia white supremacist rally. He CBS has Megan goals. Be has the details. Prosecutors say thirty four year olds coal Evan white of Clayton is a member of the so-called rise above movement. Militant racist anti-semitic group. I have a prosecutor my office who literally has done nothing else since August twelfth of twenty seventeen than work on these cases, US attorney for the western district of Virginia. Thomas colon says whites and the three other southern California men were arrested on charges of violating the federal riot act and planning ahead for violence. Once they got to that Charlottesville rally last August, the riots act is a five year maximum the conspiracy to violate the riots at carries a five-year maximum. So on paper. They face the possibility of up to ten years imprisonment if convicted and counter protester was killed when a self professed Neo Nazi drove his car into the crowd. The twenty one year old man behind the wheel is still awaiting trial for murder in Virginia. Gold speak KCBS, expect two more weeks of traffic tie ups and downtown San Francisco with a portion of Fremont street near the new transbay transit terminal remained close through at least on Tober twelfth. He CBS is Margie. Schaefer tells us that project managers have laid out a time line of work to be done following the discovery of cracks in two adjacent steel beams in addressing the transbay. Joint powers authority executive director, Mark Sabana offered a silver lining. One serious. We have determined that. This is a local issue. The Fremont street location a building with similar beams design got the all clear with no cracks discovered senior construction manager. Dennis Tertia says over the weekend engineers began initial stabilization with Jack's taking the weight off the girders. We're going to move into face to very quickly. Within the next couple of days off site. There's been a lot of fabrications. There's been a tremendous amount of effort in getting to a design of assuring system. That's shoring system will be subject to peer review. There will be sampling and visual ultrasonic and metallurgical testing the point we should be able to know what caused it and what the permanent ticks is. But my goal is weeks. Not months. Meanwhile, the goal is to open three lanes of traffic on Fremont street. No later than October twelfth bus traffic will continue to use the temporary transbay terminal for several weeks at San Francisco city hall, Margie Schaefer, KCBS San Francisco district attorney George Gascon says he will not seek reelection. When his term expires next year says his mother who is now ninety has greater needs than she did before gone says he didn't think he could adequately start preparing for reelection at the same time care for her adequately gone says he is honored to have served the city and feels like he's accomplished a lot former San Francisco police Commissioner Suzy at Loftus has already announced that. That she does plan to run the home goods store in San Rafael remains closed tonight after part of its roof collapsed near the store's front entrance CBS's. Carrie Hodousek spoke with customers who were shot, and what happened marine Manson is one of those home. Good customers who did not expect the store here in San Rafael to be closed off with red tape lining the front entrance. I thought it was a crime scene tape and or going out of business because of Sears, and there are some empty spaces in the small, and I I can't believe the roof collapsed, but no one's here. One by one customers walked up to the store confused about what's going on Toby's loan a frequent homegoods. Shopper heard about the partial roof collapse and rushed over to see the damage and bun because I literally have plans on Wednesday with my mom to come here and retail my candle collection. I was like oh, man. Now, we're gonna get my keep candles San Rafael. Fire officials tell KCBS no one was hurt. They believe overnight rain could have contributed to the collapse. But they have not determined an exact cause the store will remain closed.

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