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Is an sailors and good afternoon. How are you? Good afternoon team? I'm doing great. How about you? Awesome. We're excited to talk, biking with you in our state, you can discover the hundreds of miles of trails had outdoors discover the unexpected. I wanted to ask you right at the top to tell us about the Wisconsin Trail report because this is a great tool. It is. This is the place you have to start your planting. The Wisconsin trailer report was put together between the office about the recreation Department of Tourism Department natural resources. It provides general conditions for hiking and biking trail network statewide and includes a brief descriptions and photos of the terrain of facilities. You can kind of get a sense of what you're getting into, as well as current weather forecast for the area. Nearby activities, attractions and even dining and lodging options. It's a great one stop shop for planning your biking excursion. So there's a really great place to go in Jackson County. The Black River State forest have never been there, but I've heard it's great. Yes. And this is an especially good spot. If maybe you're new to mountain biking here in the Black River State forest, the trails are wider than normal. Single track with a little less difficult terrain makes a great place to just can't get comfortable. Get your legs under you as you're mountain biking. There are a total of 24 miles of trails up there if you will not get bored, and when you're done, Black River falls is just 15 minutes up the road you need to stop at the Sand Creek brewing company and have a Beer and celebrate a good day out on the trails and then kick back that evening, and it's recreated cabin. You can stay at the cottages and surrender Lake where they are putting an emphasis on serenity as a private, seven acre lake, And only the guests at the four properties are actually a lot of the premises. It sounds really beautiful. That sounds really, really cool. Tell us about the glacial Drumlin trail. Yes, This is another one of Wisconsin's premier biking destinations, crosses walk a shot and Jefferson County. It's 52 miles long, so the trails around between college Grove and the Fox River Sanctuary and walk a shot easy connection from there to Madison and Milwaukee. And a great place to stop while you're out on this trail is Economy Walk, which is a bike friendly city where you can take a break, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the downtown accommodation shopping, maybe enjoy a juicy Lucy style burger. This is two Patties with melted cheese in the middle and a craft beer at the family owned and operated crafty cow. I didn't stay the night at a luxury bed and breakfast Inn at Pine Terrorists is right there. It's a beautiful mansion built in 18 79. So if you're in the Wolfpack, a county area there's state park there called Hartmann Creek State Park. That's great for biking, too. That's right. It's right there along the beautiful Chena legs. It's quiet and friendly. It's an awful jam, very popular destination In central Wisconsin, you'll find 12 miles of off road biking trails in the park. There a combination of hiking and biking segment with a six mile single truck segment. And while packet is the perfect place to eat and stay when you're in the chain of lakes area, you can dine at the wheelhouse. That's been a fixture in the area since 1978 people just love this family friendly restaurant pizzas and family kids and then spend the night of the Crystal River in in breakfast. It's an 18 53 farmstead. It's located in the quaint historic village of appropriately named Rural Just minutes from Oaxaca. It sits on the banks of the Crystal River. It offers seven gas rooms and three cottages. And I just love this. There's a little It's a toy cottage, so kids of all ages can see and have a puppet show theater. Dress up clothes and just ways for kids to have a ton of fun. That's fun. All right. And when was the last time you were on a bike? Oh, my gosh, I'm one of these people that we've been hearing about this trying to get all the gear. Out there now. Yeah, trying to get all their gear gathered together, But I have my bike. It's in the shop and I am gearing up. I can't wait. So I always feel like a kid. Whenever I get on my bike, you know when I was like, 10 years old, except I don't have a basket, and I don't have any, you know, streamers or anything like about the thing. I actually have one of those put a baseball card in your spoke. Oh, my gosh, That's so fun. Yeah, and we want to congratulate you. Some big news and sailors has been appointed by the governor. Now as the secretary designee for the Department of Tourism. It's well deserved. You've won major awards. Your staff loves you and congratulations on the promotion. Thank you so much. I am so excited to take on this role. We have good things cooking for Wisconsin. Sure as hell and I'm really proud to be a part of it all. I love it. She has answers to travel Secretary joins us every weekend. Wisconsin's afternoon news. Thank you so much an Thank you. All right. We will talk to an again next week. I did You guys know that on this date in 1966 Star Trek premiered. Don't get Star Trek. I am not in the Star Trek. I think it's weird. I just don't understand it. It's hard to believe it's been going on for this long before any of us were born. Star Trek was on the air. I like Star Trek better than Star Wars. Oh, my gosh. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. Wow. Iconic characters in both. I mean I get there. I can't believe both have really stood the test of time. I mean, this started with Wonder Dem Oy, I don't know. And like his mid twenties, Captain Kirk and then I kept going through Whoopi Goldberg, for goodness sake. That's a long span of time. Pretty epic. Yeah, proof that Melissa is a bigger star Trek fans. She has a Star Trek costume that she has worn to work. Yes, I have. Oh, my God. Was I not hear that day? I don't think I was either because I don't remember that. That what can I do? We did that special promo. Yeah. You have the Flamingo. So you have the Flamingo. Greg. I did. That was nice. They broke it through the whole bill starts always breaking stuff He does. Had the little outfit outfit on. Yeah, Really? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, George Takai. Is that even how you say his name? Which character? Is he? Zulu? Yeah, Okay. He's the one who tweeted out. How excited is that? It's the so you really don't like Star wars, do you? So congratulations to Trekkies on this date in 1966 came into being at 3 57 at Wtmj. Hey, it's 6 20 Wtmj is Brian D. It's hard to believe. But fall is on the way. It's time to start thinking about those holiday photos. You're going to be taken soon. You want to make sure you have your best smile on display. Go see my guy, Dr James Michaels. That O'Connor Mohawk dental care for your checkup and cleaning and most recently went out there for an annual checkup, and I got to tell you, Dr Michaels and his staff continuing to take extra precautions..

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