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Center. Your local Ford dealers, fans of die hard fans and proud sponsors of the fighting a line I'll be sure to stop by your local Ford dealer. Check out the best selling trucks in America for the last 43 years. Illinois up too, I guess. They called a foul on. Yes, they did. Monty Williams. All right, so he has his first. We're not getting a very good record going on These review of flagrant or elbow fouls. 54 52, Illinois was a drive to the basket on a layup right of the Ram by sand Sessoms transfer from Binghamton. And it ties the game at 54 with 14 19 left. He's one right of the rim. Yeah, he went in there and again when coffee's not in. There are rim protection goes down on several levels and Georgia just inhabit Curbelo. Left side. No sumo head. Fake drives around. Jones. Jump Pastor Bello Ball, Fake drive. Lay up, Missed it. Had it knocked out of there anyway. By Penn State, Loose ball on the floor, Penn State tied and 54 driving to the basket. Lundy and we get a collision. Don't offensive foul. Yeah, there's chance State. I think its systems. Actually, it's the floor. That was nice Anticipation by train train was in the back there. He snuck over there right in front of the circle there and was able to get good positioning offensively. Fallon Sessoms any alliance picking up some fouls here? They're up to six. Illinois whistled for two in the first seven minutes nearly of the second half 13 50 left in the game. Hiding. 54 way were tied at 43 half after Penn State out of 15 Point lead right out of the gate. 19 4 early, Frasier Out top to sumo on the Penn State logo dribbles right and reach in foul on Myron Jones officials today tonight are not gonna let you put your hands on yet. So he got all I was trying to turn the corner on the high ball screen atop a key there, and things could call it gets called for the foul this up in ST Program at last year. 1 21 games They won 11 Big 10 games. They were tied for fifth with I was just behind Illinois in the standings. Those sumo at the line. He has 13 points, and now he has 14. He makes the first free throw seven fouls on the Nittany Lions. Subaru had 24 in this building. Last year, coming back from the injury, averaging 22 a game the best for an ally. Nice since Nick Weather spoon spoon. What a great player he was. 25 points a game in 1973. My good friend Jim Crowley played with them. It's like Aurora and was a point guard with him. Second free throw good is the a lot. I go up by two again. 56 54 might assume Oh, Who's up to 15 Monty Williams out Jacob Grandison in For the airline. I the Alana have never been able to get the lead above three. They've trailed by as many as 15 in the alliance with 15 from Jones. 15 from Brockington driving to Elaine Systems. Housetop Lundy for three off the back iron, No Good rebound. Oh, sumo! 56 54, Illinois 13 20 left in the game does summer driving on sensitive pass out top. Fraser for three. Got it from the left wing phrase your marries a three and a line. I Their biggest lead of the night 59 54 now than in the Lion's going too fast throwing out of bounds and a turnover. Penn State and what I liked about this play was trapped into the open spot, and he trusted I'il. I'll was able to go to the basket, get all the white jerseys coming at him, and he flicks it over to the behind that three point line. Next job by Frazier Frazier With six points tonight, the Alana with their biggest lead of the night 59 54 assed. We hit the 30 Minute mark in the second half. Go. Sumo dribbles right back to Grandison left side against the man. A man Curbelo under the basket out. Tom Frazier. Frazier shoots another three and he missed that one rebound cover and put it up on in counted in a foul on pit stain Right now, Penn State doesn't have anybody over 6 ft six and Kofi just outmuscle them and just put it back in the hole. Great second effort, Kofi Coburn with 20 foul on Penn State under the basket. Who's Miles Dredd picks up the foul. Coburn with 20 points. He's 10 of 11 from the field couple of rebounds for the line. I'd big man 61 54, Illinois. And they and one for Kofi. He is up and it is no good rebound on the floor. Grandison takes it away from Hera, who's back in and saves the possession out top to Curbelo Curbelo. Drives down the lane. Cut off turnaround jumper is no good rebound cupboard put enough money in again comer and taking over the glass inside and he's marking is the two teams head for a time out with his teammates. Coffee covered dominated the glass the last.

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