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About the day Sir it was a call first time because we want to hear from you and we got as good well mom she's got online and J. T. no let me go back here to Ron I guess Tony all set you got your Mike on your put your Mike back on so let let's get the wrong back in because Ron said he was over in Vietnam and run you're bringing up the fact in course we all agree with you I mean the thing with the Agent Orange well we now find out find out you know you know at forty five fifty years later just how deadly it was and it ends up are heard in our troops as much as it did the the brake Kong. we gave Tony up I will tell you how I got exposed aging or directly to sell Santa aspect okay but like I said I want the Vietnam War to the Vietnam War against war when I got there within the first month or so I started organizing G. eyes do you have because you remember that standard be institutions Robbins that teacher yeah okay and I got G. eyes organized to my anti were actively in literature to me after after work you know in the evening yeah first of all like five or ten guys which is around rap about the war our experiences at home Tuesday and it grew after a couple of weeks over a hundred guys sitting around yes in the peace pipe all right talking you know did not specially combat guys they would get up because he had short time to come to our unit and they give their experiences in the field you know that but they went through and the others are all that whatever yeah and sorties on our base didn't like it but we were not breaking any laws as far as we were concerned it we were just peacefully and if they try to break us up and we wouldn't break okay some guys brought their weapons and but they did they call in a helicopter and sprayed us with the Agent Orange all while the recluse were it wasn't tear gas we you know we go through basic training with tear gas during this was agent ward's sneaking shrine. poison and over a hundred guys were exposed you know the agent but here's the thing what I'm getting at Dave and I also saw a shot here when at the damaged art in Vietnam when I was there are right now if I helicopter pilot immuno helicopter pilots god bless niece they they they save many lives in old shot the pieces so they're sold you brought in the wounded at but dad helicopter pilot for him to have taken on that mission and he knows poison you know we knew it was poised we saw was being dumped on the jungles and on the animals and they were dying okay so then for that the poison U. S. troops having peaceful activity. weather related same pilots were flying into her win in Thailand just to hook our troops in that era when epidemic came she came to the United States in the seventies in it not many people died would know some people are still on the streets maybe you know more when you're shopping carts but you know that's all part of the legacy of the Vietnam War no there's no quote I think Hey Ron I think there's no question that you're right on the money in your back it up a lot of the arguments that Tony makes it I think I do look at back now I think anybody with any kind of common sense at all would say and I say the same thing what the hell we were doing over there and that's why I'm kinda you money more money well you're right and that's what I hours spent I just read the the quote today everybody would Dwight D. Eisenhower said as he was leaving the office and I think John F. Kennedy realized that he gave his speech they highlighted all the time no we'll talk about later on this year of doing a look back in November but yeah and so Kennedy was smart enough course he was over there World War two he knew what war was all about yeah and I I don't think he really had a stomach Ford it was same thing they realized what was going on but once Kennedy got knocked off everything got shifted around the rest is history but as far as the helicopter pilot dropping it on you guys I don't know I mean somewhere along the line if general or colonel or who are captain who ever orders a pilot the you know given the topper and take it off and you know we we got a mission were doing whatever I guess like anything they got to follow orders of they don't you're gonna be thrown and who shall right. yeah but yeah I'll tell you what they want one of the real heroes of Vietnam War which you jobs in helicopter pilot during the me Lai massacre he was flying over it PGE drop down right in front Janet Kelly while the massacre was going on and he asked Kelly said you got a wounded Americans I could take out it Kelly said no get out here it is you want to take these wounded Vietnamese children here. Thompson said in a callous of no legal will take care of them and U. Johnson told his machine gunner put your machine gun on a lieutenant Calley in the other the crew chief to load up the doctor the wounded children he said sure Kelly first is to try to stop yeah you know that that's one of the heroes of the Vietnam War my opinion got Johnson got a metal for Jedi yeah of course he well okay. well I mean so there you go so what we can get into a lot of these different stories we just don't have enough time to really get into it all tonight but I'm hoping somewhere along the line we can get somebody like you Ron or a couple other guys maybe Tony knows in will I'll talk more about it but I thought I could see why the country is being torn apart I mean course you know that the draft was getting re instituted and stuff and a lot of people they don't want to go to the war when it's that was another thing to remember Ron that's when the TV media every night they were highlighting all the stuff was going on all this reporting all the reporting came back negative and probably rightly so with the everybody getting shot and wounded got a bag. every every night it was a body count you talking high right right you don't know if it was just twenty to twenty or twenty five dead for the week that was a good week you know it you know and what Tony you have to read this book to ten minutes of the of the tet offensive content offensive was really a victory for the Vietnamese nurse ten reasons why but but here here's one one one reason we know there were calming the colonel in charge of the Viet Vietcong too shy guy he defected a week before the attack and went over to the Americans and told HIM IT cactus coming it because he he defected because he knows is thousands of Viet Cong in the countryside would never make it to the tet offensive in time because you know when they took the embassy does like twenty twenty zappers it took them they were supposed to been a hundred and twenty okay but they didn't they weren't coming in from the countryside fast enough on foot what happened what happened Dave to the momentum of the Vietnam War wide shifted is because people start to grow weary of CRS on TV every night right and see and people who they knew coming back in body right in caskets and with draped with the American flag and all the young come within one. I wanted to be drafted in row over there because why there was no stated there was no apparent military reason our objective to be there so it was a whole different flow from war war to the Vietnam War two were fighting the Japanese who bombed us at Pearl Harbor war too we were so we were fighting.

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